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SharePoint 2010 Insurance Survey Portal

Project Description

Insurance group of organization is mainly responsible for 1200+ buildings, 7000 vehicles and 10000+ employees / volunteers' insurance. Business mainly took all the data manually on papers/ spread sheets/ word documents that cost them around 6 months' time to collect and process the data to provide it to Insurance Companies for the quotation and work order issuance. SharePoint 2010 based survey tool, which allows end user to provide their building, vehicles and employee/volunteer details.


SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition - On Premise

Claim Provider & FBA

Implemented Form based authentication method to allow user to access the application. SharePoint standard installation uses as default AD to query the Domain Controller and to check user credentials through Windows Authentication. The membership provider can effectively use any membership store to be used for credentials. Due to FBA implementation, site doesn't search people with user's first/last name. To resolve this issue we have implemented custom claim provider.


Customized look & feel with custom webparts.

Custom Web parts

Developed custom webparts to manage people's group, Display various charts like Pie chart, Bar chart based on user role and region/office. Custom web part to allow user reset his/her password.

OOTB Web parts

Content Editor Web Part to display Banner, Count Down control etc. Report Viewer Web Part which is used to render SQL Reporting Service reports.


Used InfoPath form with code behind to capture around 500+ fields related to Insurance, Real Estate and Fleet. Form fields are displayed based on user role and rights

Active Directory maintenance operations

Custom developed Active directory maintenance tool to manage users in Active Directory. The tool is helpful to add bulk users, reset password of bulk users, validate user account, bulk email etc.

Additional technical works

Integration of World clock third party web part.

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