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SharePoint Building Maintenance Portal

Project Description

Building Maintenance portal being used by company engaged in commercial janitorial services and building maintenance. They are using portal to capture their Work Orders, Staff Changes, Ops News etc. Reporting facility provides the upper level managers to outlook company's operation on daily basis.


Office 365 - SharePoint Online, Console Application


  • Highly customized look & feel with custom editor webparts added right into the master page to personalize user experience.
  • Uses Responsive design layout for better user experience in mobile devices.
  • Used bootstrap library in SharePoint and customized CSS wherever necessary for mobile device compatibility


  • Used Out of the Box Workflows to send notifications wherever required.
  • Used SharePoint 2013 Workflow architecture to loop through list items which were not available in SharePoint 2010.

Customized Reports

Reports are viewable in two formats: On Screen and PDF. PDF reports are sent out daily through email which are developed using console applications using client object model and deployed in scheduler. On Screen reports are prepared using Client side tool, i.e. SPServices, to get data from SharePoint sites.

Export to PDF

Developed custom webparts to manage people's group, Display various charts like Pie chart, Bar chart based on user role and region/office. Custom web part to allow user reset his/her password.

Additional technical works

Integration of Google Distance Matrix service to get the estimated travel time. Developed android App to feed GPS data to SharePoint list for van routes, inspection records, etc...

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