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SharePoint Payroll Change Request Management System

SharePoint Project Description

Payroll Change Requests Management System helps reducing manual collaboration between Human resources & finance departments to speed up payroll processes such as New Hires, termination, Salary raise, address change, tax change, direct deposit change, benefits change, transfer & promotion/demotion


SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition – On Premise

Info path Form

Info path forms with highly customized look & feel along with Code behind to save the user inputs in SharePoint List. Configured rules to dynamically control the visibility of various sections on the form, based on the current user permissions.

State Machine Workflow developed in Visual Studio

A highly complicated workflow designed to accomplish every aspect of real world scenario's involved in a Payroll Change Request, such as –

  • Approve/reject a request
  • Re-Open a request
  • Sending recursive reminders at an interval of specified no. of days using only one instance of workflow
  • Escalate the delay/failure to higher authorities in organizational hierarchy at various stages of workflow
  • Create tasks/notifications for appropriate users based on the input received at various stages
  • Move back & forth in the workflow state, based on business rules
  • Archive the related documents, after the completion of request

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