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Microsoft Visual C++

  • TCP Socket Programming - Establishing communication between single server & multiple clients using TCP socket.
  • UDP Socket Programming - Reading compressed encrypted UDP packets over network & decrypt the packets using lzo file compressor
  • Developing highly complex market watch to display live stock exchange information updating per second
  • Multithreaded programming - Multiple UI, worker threads interacting with each other & sharing common resources
  • Our team possess strong analytical Skills to identify & resolve the issues in multi-threaded environment & socket programming
  • Complex algorithms developed using primitive data structures such as multi-dimensional arrays & hash tables
  • Implementation of Crash Dumps with application
  • Use of Office Interop Classes to automate MS excel, updating per second
Gazprom International
Hooker Cockram Corporations Pty Ltd
Idens Dealer Services
Seattle Building Maintenance
SEEK Organization
SHELL Oil and Gas Limited
Torrent Power Limited
Trellis Integration Partners LLC
TSS Redmond
Western CPE
World Vision International
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