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Migrate to Cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS)

At Waferwire, we help business of all sizes to architect, develop, migrate and manage application on AWS. Our team can help you with best migration strategy suitable for your infrastructure for a smooth and seamless experience for continuous development.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Waferwire’s AWS services

  • AWS Migration Consulting
  • AWS Application Integration
  • AWS Automation
  • Server Monitoring & Management
  • AWS Based DB Administration
  • Risk Management
  • Performance Optimization
  • Backup & Storage

Waferwire’s AWS Acquisition Program

With waferwire’s AWS services we make sure that our cloud strategy and readiness helps you identify the risks and challenges before hand that are in your cloud journey be it compliance and disaster recovery. Our main focus is on how we can ensure that our clients get the best opportunities with cloud technologies, like reduced cost, innovation, taking out the slow legacy system for high speed performance and 24*7 availability

After in depth discussion we identify the needs of different business and provide a custom solution and provide advise beyond just technical expertise.

Our team will share expertise in following ways

  • Designing AWS strategy
  • Developing a cloud program for office management
  • Implementing Cloud ready solution
  • Estimating cost and deployment of AWS.
  • Cloud Training
  • Strategic Documentation

WaferWire’s AWS service solution and implementation can help you provide software and solutions which are configurable and feasible. With the help of our experts you can unbar the potential which your business is seeking.

There are many cloud software services solution available today that can fulfill your back office needs. When you need a solution which for accounting, HR, administration and supply chain management then real challenge comes in implementing them and choosing which solution is best fitted for your company by keeping in mind cost and minimum disruption. If not done right in the first place you end up paying more leading to downtime and non productivity.

We can help you get rid of that hassle by providing our cloud SaaS implementation offering these main capabilities

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resource Transformation
  • Equivalent SaaS Domains

Distort - Mutate - Replicate

Get Maximum ROI through Waferwire’s AWS implementation:

  • Our agile approach combined with our strong commitment toward our client will help you with insight and guidance at every step toward cloud’s seamless experience
  • Waferwire’s AWS migration service can help you provide solution that solves challenges faster and overcome the tedious task of choosing which service fits best for you infrastructure
  • We can help you provide complete support even if the scope or the size of your business expands with time

WaferWire’s AWS services and technical capabilities gives you an edgy pace in your industry with the help of unique applications and platform.

Even if your organization is large and complex and needs very detailed study and best applications can fall short in performance. You might end up spending more cost on updating existing application than it would have taken it to build it from the start.

  • WaferWire can help you design and create custom solutions that empower your employees through efficiency for you and your clients.
  • With our in dept study and expertise we can provide you with custom cloud application that can give you a grip in your industrial domain.

Every company has a destination but its not just determined to the cloud it should be continuous improvement. AWS and waferwire’s migration advisory will understand the dynamics of your business and help you ensure you get the best of the cloud services.

How we do it

  • By closely identifying the applications that can be moved to the cloud and which public, private or hybrid cloud best fits for your application
  • Changing the siloed approach to cloud migration with your organization.
  • Avoid unnecessary cost and effort while moving towards cloud
Cloud Migration

What you get

Keep your data secure
Keep your data secure

The AWS infrastructure puts strong hold to protect your data and take care of your compliance policy with the help of highly secure AWS data centers.

Keep your data secure
Meet Compliance requirements

AWS manages dozens of compliance program in its infrastructure, AWS enables covered entities and their business associates subject to US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Save Money
Save Money

AWS allows you manage your technological needs and very cost effective rate and maintains the highest security without spending boggling amount of money on cloud services

Keep your data secure

AWS allows you to choose the services for which you want to use, so pay for only that you use. No matter what is the size of you business you can still use AWS services with out breaking the bank.

With WaferWire’s AWS managed service you can focus on the ongoing development of your application instead of the architecture which we can take care of. AWS managed services helps you reduce your operational overhead risk by managing activities like

  • Change request - Provides easy and effective means to make controlled changes lets say if you want to deploy an EC2 stack and change your RDS database configuration settings it allows you to quickly and easily make request through a dedicated self-service console
  • Incident Management - Allows you to monitor overall health of your resources and allows you to pin point fault.
  • Patch management - AWS managed services takes care of all your OS patching activities to secure your resources whenever any patch or update is released by our vendor. You can schedule the patch request to minimize the impact on your business.
  • Security management - AWS managed services protects your data and assets by keeping your architecture secure. By detecting malware and intrusions

Please follow the link below to read more about “Ransomware Fightback Takes to the Cloud”

Cloud Migration
  • Access management - With AWS access management services you can remove complexity of managing Multi authentication mechanism. By configuring default capabilities such as identity and access management (IAM) roles and EC2 security group.
  • Continuity management - You can manage failures and outages that may hamper your business with AWS managed services by scheduling AWS stacks that you want to define

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