10 Benefits Teams Offers to Your Business

What does a competitive business need in today’s global and volatile marketplace? Quick turn-around times, better productivity, lower costs and primarily enhanced communication and teamwork. Microsoft Teams offers you precisely that and much more!

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based communication and collaboration workspace that comes with MS Office 365. Today, 13+ million people use Teams daily across 181 markets across the globe. Though Teams offers a chat-based environment, it’s much more than just that and helps you streamline business processes and transform workplace collaboration while protecting critical information.

Microsoft Teams Business Benefits

Being a cloud-based solution, MS Teams offers the benefits inherent to Cloud technologies. Additionally, its robust and innovative features come handy for significant productivity gain and ease of use.

  1. Enriched communication

    Whether its chat, notes, meetings or the associated documents, Teams offers everything in a single interface. It eliminates the need to search for emails for a specific subject as Teams organizes everything subject-specific. It stores the respective files and attachments under the same Channel and also lets you arrange them in the folder structure you need.

  2. App Integration

    Teams is fully integrated with MS O365. Additionally, there is a wide range of third-party apps that can be integrated with Teams that offers a truly collaborative environment and eliminates the need to use multiple apps and interfaces to get your work done such as Power BI, Twitter, Trello, ServiceNow, etc.

  3. Meeting and scheduling

    Microsoft Teams not only completely synchronizes with your calendar to pull in your existing appointments but also displays suggested times for meetings when all other members in a team are free. Further, it provides you with an option to select whether the meeting is private or voluntary, making it easy to host an optional training or brainstorming session.

  4. User enablement using Bots

    Microsoft Teams comes with several Bots for specific purposes. These are like virtual chat agents that help Teams users to get a range of tasks done efficiently. The T-Bot is designed to answer frequently asked user questions related to Teams. While HipMunk is useful for arranging your travel plans, Polly Bot can help you with polling/voting with colleagues. Further, you can build your Bots for enhanced user engagement.

  5. Digital Transformation progression

    Being a complete cloud-based solution, with Teams, your employees can access information anytime from anywhere and on any device. Additionally, you can also work smarter with Artificial intelligence and big data processing.

  6. Real-time document collaboration

    With Teams, you can co-author, collaborate or edit the documents seamlessly at the same time as other users. It offers effective teamwork and enhanced productivity by eliminating the need to maintain multiple versions of the same document.

  7. Voice calling

    Microsoft Teams provides a facility to make high-quality voice calls for up to 250 of your employees. The calls ring on your mobile device as well as a desktop simultaneously. It offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional telephone services. You can not only call the members of your team quickly but also can dial external numbers that can be routed through SIP Trunks easily. Moreover, you can call using your headset or built-in audio of your laptop, desktop or mobile devices, which eliminates the need for expensive handsets. Additionally, Teams offers you the facility of video conferencing and also share your screen or a specific window and collaborate document within your conference call.

  8. Notifications

    You can view @mentions, likes and messages easily and quickly in Activity and Chat panes. You can also filter your messages based on the notifications to view the relevant communication. It offers an effective way of searching your messages without bombarding your inbox or deleting relevant emails accidentally.

  9. Security

    Microsoft Teams ensures advanced security and compliance through secure guest access and multifactor authentication and meets compliance standards of ISO 27001, HIPAA BAA, ISO 27018 and SSAE 16 SOC 1 and 2 report. The built-in information protection in Microsoft Teams is delivered by Microsoft’s Hyper-Scale Cloud that offers the option for local data residency if needed.

  10. Teams Developer Platform

    With Teams, you can quickly implement any specific social media applications or business processes within the Teams Developer Platform using open APIs.

    Microsoft Teams offers customizations for more efficient and hassle-free communication. For instance, it allows you to create a custom tab to present information such as a dashboard or work item list, which the team members can discuss. This chat will be displayed in the Channel as a threaded conversation. Teams lets you customize and add more message options in the drop-down and enables you perform a particular action such as invoking a workflow as needed by your business. You can use the Task Module to provide forms or pop-ups to gather user information while staying within Teams. Messaging extensions in Teams lets you pull and display information external to Teams.

With its inherent features, robust security and cost-effectivity, 200,000+ organizations have adopted Teams globally. With our team of experts and industry experience, we can help your business join the league to reap maximum business benefits associated with Microsoft Teams. To learn more about our Microsoft Teams Services, contact us.


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