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Considering the present scenario every business needs to have a mobile application. Now, building a mobile app can turn into a big dilemma, whether to go for native app development or hybrid app development? In native app development, a business would need to stretch its pockets as the costs are higher. Hybrid mobile applications are more suitable for businesses who have limited budget.

In comes Ionic which is a completely free and open-source framework that helps to build hybrid apps using HTML5, and makes use of AngularJS for creating an SDK perfectly suited for developing highly interactive apps. Ionic is a combination of programming languages such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Ionic comes with native-styled mobile UI elements. As it is based on HTML5 framework it requires a native app wrapper like Cordova or PhoneGap. Building mobile friendly and cost effective cross-apps within Ionic makes a good case for itself:

  1. Power of Open-source offers striking and stable features which can be used to develop a user-friendly mobile app. Ionic provides the capability to develop interactive and robust hybrid mobile applications. Due to its open-source framework, Ionic allows to manage the code structure and helps save time, money and efforts.
  2. Reliable framework such as AngularJS is widely favored and considered for developing mobile applications and web applications. As Ionic employs AngularJS, it offers several fundamental functionalities. Therefore, allowing the developers to include several smart components within the desired app. AngularJS creates perhaps some of the best browser-based applications, hybrid mobile apps and web-based applications with the help of Ionic framework.
  3. Ability to move across several platforms with Ionic framework is proficient as it gives users a native application feel-factor. It gives an opportunity to develop a mobile application that can be spread over all the available mobile platforms like android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry OS etc. If your mobile application is built with Ionic, it automatically changes it’s themes as per the mobile OS to maintain the native feel.
  4. Aesthetically attractive UI in Ionic comes with default CSS and JavaScript components. It covers almost all the basic and fundamental things there are to consider when you look to develop a mobile application, say for example, from sliding menu, form inputs, buttons, lists, navigation, tabs, sliding boxes to popups and prompts.
  5. Open-source means its free which can be one of the best reasons to choose Ionic framework for mobile application development. If we talk about some other mobile app development framework, it generally costs around $1500, but in case of Ionic framework, it is free. So all you need to get going is the right developer.

Nowadays, Ionic framework is dominating hybrid mobile app development mainly due to reason that it combines latest standards in programming with flexible development frameworks which opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities for a creative developer. This combination within Ionic can become the most amazing package for custom hybrid application. Customizations that can be in form of gestures, color schemes, button and many more.

As mobile phone users are attracted towards a rich UI and features, Ionic can fulfill such requirements very easily. A single code can adapt to all the famous and often used mobile app operating systems. Ionic is famous for developing high-performance mobile applications.

Such characteristics of Ionic framework are the reasons behind the rise of it and why it could potentially deliver the right value that businesses are looking for in their mobile app creation.

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