Microsoft 365 branding and Business Process Automation

Microsoft 365

To tap into the technical automation potential, there are technologies and MS offices that support the new age as machines outperform humans in a range of work activities. With the change in the names of products (earlier Office 365) to MS 365, what do not alter are the subscription prices, product features, offer IDs and the Enterprise SKU names.

This rebranding puts into limelight Microsoft’s longstanding ambitions when it comes to enterprise and customer solutions. With the success of the Teams app along with the eminent position that Microsoft holds for a good number of years, is a good reason to amalgamate the offerings together under the Microsoft banner.

Secondly, the future that works can be summed up as Automation and Productivity – while automation enables businesses to improve performance, achieved quality and precision certainly go beyond human capabilities. What BPA has taught to humans is the need to engage more comprehensively with the machines as part of their everyday activities along with acquiring skills that are in demand in the new age.

The automation imperative

key benefits of MS 365

Our approach to analyze the potential impact of automation through MS 365 emphasizes mainly on technical feasibility – since integration and adapting into solutions that suits a wide range of audience becomes vital. No doubt, there are numerous factors that affect the pace and extent of adoption, but our aim is to pay attention to the existing business work activities to play out fully. In each and every sphere, productivity acceleration is sorely needed for a better escalation of individual processes and businesses. At many levels, businesses can capture profits and achieve a competitive edge along with operational benefits.

BPA is now nearing the top of the bell curve in the technology adoption lifecycle, all set to break out into mainstream maturity. Yes, one can observe through the statistics here that the process automation market is on the cusp of global market explosion – automation is now ramping up and spreading its reach.

Automation software like MS 365 is an all-time ally for a busy digital worker, simply because it provides a pathway to higher-value work with simultaneously alleviating the pressures of day-to-day administrative tasks.

The most compelling gain is the efficiency boost. With less time and resources, such efficiency upshots free-up man-hours and becomes an avenue to enjoy time and cost-savings.

Less tangible, but not less important remains the office atmosphere. Tedious and repetitive tasks, when automated, provide relief to the existing monotony within and a vast range of admin alleviation, system integration and automatic updates can result in a company-wide productivity spike.

Finally, BPA through a solution like MS 365 is an opportunity for those working to make use of the innate human skills that machines have the hardest time replicating – logical thinking and problem solving, providing expertise, social and emotional capabilities, coaching and developing others. The employee search of looking for meaning that remains absent in the humdrum of rote tasks becomes complete through automation.

Developing agility, resilience and flexibility becomes important at a time when everyone’s job is likely to change to some degree. Simply put, MS 365 helps your team work together in effectual ways.


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