10 ways Office 365 enables businesses to stay competitive

10 ways Office 365 enables businesses

Out of the total Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in the US that form more than 99% of the total businesses in the country, 61% faced challenges to increase revenue and 45% found it daunting to stay profitable in the year 2018 and these reasons are just the top few amongst a long list. Identifying these challenges and overcoming them efficiently with the right tool is the need of the time for SMBs to survive and stand-out in today’s fierce competition.

Challenges Faced by SMBs

  • Cost savings

Besides increasing revenue, cost reduction is crucial for SMBs to stay competitive and profitable. It’s especially true in today’s era of growing operating costs.

  • Data management

With the digital transformation comes the data abundance that poses a challenge for SMBs which have never managed it as their primary resource.

  • Data Analytics

Data though important isn’t worth much unless converted to insights that contribute to business value. SMBs have to rely on the expensive Business Intelligence and Analytics software for deriving crucial insights from everyday data.

  • Data protection and recovery

Data explosion makes it all the more difficult to protect enterprise data from an accidental loss that can have a lingering impact on any business.

  • Software and data accessibility

With technology advancement, the world is shrinking. With an increasing number of businesses going global, there is an urgent need for data and software accessibility from anywhere, anytime.

  • Infrastructure adaptability to changing business needs

In the current volatile market, business needs keep fluctuating with time. Thus, SMBs are on the lookout for infrastructure and services that can adapt to their business demands quickly and effectively.

  • Robust business continuity

Efficient business continuity and disaster recovery mechanism have become the norm for a successful, competitive and profitable business to minimize downtime and maximize data accessibility, employee productivity and efficiency.

With its in-built features, Microsoft Office 365 helps SMBs overcome these challenges by reducing cost and enhancing business efficiency and productivity.

Office 365 Benefits that Help Your Business Keep Going

  1. Cost-effective

As a subscription-based product, you can avail Office 365 services by paying a monthly or annual fee per user. As now, your business will be leasing the software instead of buying, you can get rid of large capital expenditure and IT costs. Further, Office 365 offers the flexibility of feature-specific costing that needs the SMBs to pay for only those features required by a user.

  1. Online storage to access, share and collaborate data

Office 365 is a cloud-based product and manages your files and data online. Thus, it helps you manage one single version of a file without multiple copies that can be accessed from anywhere 24/7.

  1. Automatic Version Management

Have you ever faced the version dilemma and have wasted time and energy to resolve the right file version? Office 365 relieves you from this agony by taking care of file versioning. No matter, how many times you make changes to your file, it will maintain the latest version and conserve your precious time and energy.

  1. Access software from anywhere, anytime

Office 365 is SaaS (Software as a Service) and offers you the flexibility to access the with Exchange Server, SharePoint Server or Lync Server from anywhere, anytime. It facilitates access, create, edit and share the contents in real-time from any device including Mac, PC or Android, iOS or Windows devices.

  1. BI & Analytics Insights at fingertips

The seamless integration of Office 365 with Microsoft Power BI offers SMBs with cost-effective and innovative analytical insights that can add invaluable business value.

  1. Stay current

Office 365 eliminates the need for a version upgrade for a user. It ensures all your users are always using the latest version of the software and will receive the upgrades at the same time.

  1. Better Organization

Office 365 comes with a set of for both employees and enterprises. It offers a seamless synchronization of e-mails, contacts and calendar and automatically updates them across all your devices – a crucial feature for SMBs to keep tabs to enhance efficiency and productivity.

  1. Scalable

Office 365 offers the scalability needed by SMBs with the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of users with changing business demand by adding or eliminating licenses. Further, you can create a custom solution specific to a department or even a user by mixing and matching apps.

  1. Robust, secure and reliable

Office 365 assures data security with multiple safety features including encrypted e-mail, data loss prevention, advanced threat analytics, mobile device management, Exchange Online Protection, threat management and multi-factor authentication.

  1. Business continuity

With multiple data centers across the globe hosting redundant network architecture, Microsoft Online Services provides a service level agreement with 99.99% scheduled uptime, assuring maximum uptime and minimum service disruption for SMBs. It keeps the businesses up and running irrespective of any event promising business continuity, a crucial aspect for every SMB.

With a range of tools and inherent features, Office 365 provides SMBs with the necessary productivity, business efficiency and the much-needed competitive edge.

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