Why must you adopt Microsoft Power Platform for your enterprise-grade application development?


As a business owner, you’ll always want to improve your business processes and gain greater insight into operations to grow it from the inside out. Thus, you must build bespoke applications to drive efficiency, streamline operations and engage your employees.

Here is where enterprise-grade applications come into the picture.

Enterprise application development equips highly trained experts with sophisticated software and complex language expertise. After all, they create tens or hundreds or thousands of lines of code to digitize and speed up your processes.

Although this model is the most common path for enterprise-grade application development, the traditional process is often complex, expensive, and time-consuming.

Nevertheless, businesses of varied sizes and domains must adapt quickly to the dynamic market and customer needs. After all, in this digital transformation era, you must be relevant and competitive to stay afloat.

Enters low-code, no-code development platforms to rescue!

A low-code platform like Microsoft Power Platform accelerates innovation by eliminating the need for intense coding and complexity. It does more – analyses data, perfects processes, and builds apps and websites with fewer resources, complexity, cost, and time.

Also, low-code, no-code platforms come with a host of benefits for enterprises, like

  • Agility.
  • Keep up with the changing regulations.
  • Quickly adapt to market changes and customer requirements.
  • Overall improved customer experience.
  • The democratization of application development.
  • Extending capabilities to citizen developers.
  • Elimination of complex code.
  • Automatic patch and security upgrade.

These benefits highlight the need for faster and pocket-friendly technologies like Power Platform. Therefore, the low-code, no-code market is quickly expanding at a continuous pace. In fact, the estimated global low-code platform market is projected at 65 Billion US dollars by 2027.

Almost every industry is using the low-code platform to augment their standard processes.

Sectors like non-profits, government, banking and finance, eCommerce, manufacturing, education, healthcare, travel and hospitality, and many less technically intensive industries invest in the low-code platform. They want to speed up their services, automate workflows, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Microsoft Power Platform- Your key to empower everyone to innovate

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The Microsoft Power Platform ecosystem

Microsoft Power Platform extends the capability of every individual in your organization to build end-to-end business solutions. This capability has opened a new avenue for citizen developers to tap into their creative passion and solve business challenges without too much time investment and traditional coding.

The five major components of Microsoft Power Platform are:

Power BI- Your doorway to data-driven insights.

Power Apps- Build apps quickly for every business challenge.

Power Automate- Streamline workflows

Power Pages- Build websites quickly.

Power Agents- Build chatbots and engage your employees and customers faster

How does Microsoft Power Platform help in business continuity?

As it empowers everyone to innovate, it helps your business to stay agile and craft solutions covering your needs.

For example, you can automate project tracking from defining scope through deployment with Power Apps and Power Automate for teams across different technology domains and time zones. With Power App application, your team members can enter the project details, status, and other information, and from that information you can build Power BI reports to get insights on where you exactly stand in the project, and other critical information on the projects.


Microsoft Power Platform helps enterprises bridge the business-development gap. It shortens market time and maximizes ROI.

However, Power Platform isn’t going to end the need for traditional development skills completely. The idea is to make every employee of the company faster and more innovative.

The low-code platform development will gradually become a natural part of the software ecosystem as more companies integrate it to build end-to-end business solutions, while increasing productivity, helping find solutions easier, and making collaboration easier.

To know more about how you can integrate Power Platform in your business, partner with us. We have you covered for your technical needs. Contact us today

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