Records and Document Management Solution

Manage your organization’s regulatory, legal, and business-critical records with Microsoft Purview. 

Record Management with Microsoft Purview

Are you facing any of these challenges with record management?

If you have said yes to most of the challenges above, then; you must switch to Microsoft Purview for Records Management.

Microsoft Purview is an innovative solution for records management that provides a complete and efficient way to manage records throughout their lifecycle. It helps you to-

Microsoft Purview Features

Record creation

Create records in multiple formats, including paper-based and digital, on any device- desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. 

Record classification

Classify records based on metadata, such as document type, date of creation, and author to locate easily when needed.

Record storage

Get secure, centralized, on-premises, or cloud record storage as per the organizational preferences.

Record retention

Define retention schedules for records while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for the automatic deletion of records at the end of their retention period.

Record access

Ensure secure access to records and sensitive information for authorized users with permissions based on user roles and responsibilities.

Record disposal

Reduce the risk of data breaches by disposing of records efficiently once they have reached the end of their retention period. 

Business benefits

Leveraging Microsoft Purview for records management gives your business the following benefits:

Adherence to

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Records Management with Microsoft Purview?


What’s next?

Microsoft Purview is a comprehensive solution for record management that can help organizations improve compliance, reduce risks, and increase efficiency. With its robust features and intuitive interface, Microsoft Purview is an ideal solution for any organization looking to improve its record management processes. So, why wait?