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SafeVault DMS® – A Document Management System Software

Enjoy the flexibly of storing your documents on cloud with the help of Document Management System (DMS) Software and make them available 24x7 on just a single click!

SafeVault DMS® is Office 365 SharePoint based cloud solution. It is designed and developed by WaferWire to help manage, track and store documents online. The solution also helps to maintain records of all the modifications done by different users in the organization.

SafeVault DMS® solution is a ready to use add-on that can be deployed to your SharePoint environment. Document Management Solution can also be customized as per the organization’s needs and requirements. WaferWire will help to design and incorporate all feature changes with timely delivery.

WaferWire DMS Software offers several advantages and suitable for small and large enterprises.

SafeVault DMS® Software Advantages

  • Provides ready to use cloud solution for small and large enterprises.
  • Ready to use entity based structure helps with document navigation and discovery.
  • Very economical and affordable to anyone and everyone.
  • Web based and compatible with all office web-apps.
  • Ready to use cloud solution on top of your existing Office 365 or on-perm SharePoint platform.

Staple Features of SafeVault DMS® Software

Centralized Data repository

Stores all the document on cloud. SafeVault DMS® provides complete competences for integral document management for any organization. Bulk data and automated data uploads are available with easy to use user interface.

Advance search with filters with fast and accurate results

SafeVault DMS® has most salient features such as Advance Search. Advance search will crawl through the entire system to get the searched items. It crawls through each and every metadata tags to get results. It has search filters to get accurate and fast results.

Document Access Anytime, Anywhere

As SafeVault DMS® is developed on the top of Office 365 SharePoint, User can have access anytime and anywhere. User just need a device and internet connection to access the documents.

Access to external users

Through SafeVault DMS®, company employee can share files with external users. They can give temporary access to external users.

Version Control

SafeVault DMS® can give you each and every versions of your document. Maintains history and access details.


SafeVault DMS® can assist you with the check-in and check-out feature. Once user check-out a file, no other user can edit that file.

Huge data storage capacity

As SafeVault DMS® is developed on Office 365 SharePoint, it has total 1 TB of storage and can expand it up to 25 TBs.

No infrastructure cost involved

As SafeVault DMS® is developed on Office 365 SharePoint, it doesn’t need any infrastructure. It just need Office 365 subscription.

Mobile friendly

SafeVault DMS® will work with all the devices you have. It is fully responsive and works will all the available display sizes.

Approval Workflows

Organizations can configure approval workflows for documents before it gets published

Access control

Authorization for Roles and users to access documents

SafeVault DMS® One Stop solution for Document Management For all Businesses [To name a few]

SafeVault DMS® for All Consultancies

  • Vendor portfolio management
  • Client portfolio management
  • Document management with versioning
  • User access management
  • External user access
  • Mobile friendly
  • In-house document management for each departments
  • Migrate your existing documents

SafeVault DMS® for Finance and Accounts

  • Able to integrate with core financial software ( or ERP )
  • Master file management
  • Transaction file management
  • Vendors’ invoice and expense management
  • Clients’ invoice and purchase order management
  • Able to work with all devices
  • Migrate your existing documents

SafeVault DMS® for Engineering

  • Able to store Engineering designs , drawings
  • Version control with each drawings
  • With work-flow able set permissions and approvals
  • Purchase orders management and storage
  • Finance document management and storage
  • HR document management and storage
  • Client portfolio management
  • Migrate your existing documents

SafeVault DMS® for legal

  • Case files management
  • Clients’ file management
  • Version control
  • Document approval mechanism
  • Permissions for each user
  • Able to work with all devices
  • Migrate your existing documents

SafeVault DMS® for NGO

  • Able to integrate with existing in-house software
  • Donation document management
  • Donors information management
  • Employees’ document management
  • Work flow implementation with permissions
  • Separate document storage for each working departments
  • User access management
  • Migrate your existing documents

SafeVault DMS® for HR consultancy

  • Able to integrate with HRMS system
  • Candidate Engagement document management
  • User permissions ,approvals, rights for each user each department
  • Client file management
  • Mobile friendly
  • Migrate your existing documents

Affordable SafeVault DMS® Software

  • Leverage your existing Office 365 or on-perm SharePoint platform
  • For one-time low cost investment, your entire organization can avail the benefits of central and systematic document management system.
  • No additional hardware infrastructure required with Office 365

Tools and Technologies

Office 365 SharePoint, Visual Web parts, Custom Branding, Custom Workflow, SharePoint Search Service, User profile synchronization with AD, Microsoft Visio, Multilingual support

Frequently Asked Questions

SafeVault DMS® is a sharepoint online cloud based solution to help manage, track, and store documents online. It also helps to maintain records of all modifications done by different users in the organization for efficient collaboration. So it is a paperless office solution.

It is a complete web-based solution used for managing and sharing documents online allowing you to share documents internally and externally.

  • It reduces cost by streamlining business process
  • Ensures legal and compliance regulations
  • Helps for better collaboration between employees by allowing access on the fly.

It allows you to store, manage, and share data in any form using desktop software or any other tool. Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, reports, forms, audio, video, drawings, photos, engineering documents and virtually anything can be stored with this software solution.

If you have downloaded the native software for the file it would allow you to see the preview of what the file contains. Once file is downloaded in your system it will open in the designated application for e.g Engineering drawings will open in Auto CAD or other product which supports that file.

Depending upon the user requirement and our experience in its implementation, it may take 10 days to 5 weeks for complete deployment of the product. This can also be varied if there are any customization required.

No, the document’s quality remains the same and looks exactly like the original document, including images, handwritten notes, and signature etc., it totally depends on the scanning quality.

It has been deployed worldwide for a number of organizations. The product is completely customizable and can fit any business irrelevant of its architecture. It follows various industrial compliance standards making it a robust, secure and easy to navigate.

It is a highly secure system where each user is assigned unique user id and password. Each user is assigned with rights and privileges on document classes. Different users roles are given according to which they can perform read/write, actions on any given file.

SafeVault DMS® is built on sharepoint which includes built-in support for content management interoperability services (CMIS). It is built on privacy and security in mind and its built in capabilities help enable compliance with wide range of regulations and privacy mandates.

First check for these questions:

  • What is goal of DMS and why do you think you need one?
  • Whats is the use of DMS in your organization?
  • Who will be maintaining the system?
  • How many users will be using DMS?
  • First do the research check for the various options that are available in the market and which one best suits your business needs, while doing that also start with writing a plan for implementing this system.
  • Once it is done also go for a live demo of the software before jumping onto conclusion and deploying the system in your organization.

In case if there is any disaster ask your self these questions :

  • If disaster strikes what information is critical for your business?
  • What are the different data restoration methods so that you can store critical information.

Always take backup on one or more data storage devices. One that you can keep in office and also on a server off-site. Also plan on how you will backup this information.

You can retrieve your data by entering index data or by doing a query based search upon how you have indexed your data and share documents via internet/intranet.

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