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About The Client

The Taylor Smith Group is a dynamic organization in Mauritius with a reputation for excellence and well-established companies in marine services, logistics, manufacturing and more. The group possesses over 100 years of rich experience and niche across various industries it operates in.

The Client Requirement

The client wanted to replace its server file system based solution with a Document Management System (DMS) to provide a centralized, user-friendly interface for all document related activities such as upload, view, search, edit and delete along with managing permissions for the documents to carry out these activities. As the client owns multiple companies, each having its separate hierarchy, the requirement mandated to manage a document based on its respective company hierarchy. Additionally, the business wanted to have certain features like multiple file upload and document version control with approval in its DMS.


WaferWire offered an enterprise-wide solution specific to the respective companies owned by the client. For this, WaferWire customized its already existing robust DMS to suit it to the business requirements. The solution was developed and implemented within the timeframe of 4 months. The team implemented the following modules -

Using the rich set of SharePoint Search APIs and SharePoint expertise, the WaferWire team designed and developed an efficient solution to quickly locate and retrieve a document with the best use of search and managed metadata.

The team designed a customized user interface for the DMS folder hierarchy over the SharePoint OOTB (out of the box) library.

The feature to update metadata after multiple documents upload was particularly useful for the client as it eased out the data migration process from a local drive to the SharePoint document library. As each document has its metadata, in the earlier solution with the server file system, uploading documents was a tedious task requiring each file to be uploaded separately one after the other.

After the solution implementation, the team also worked on the enhancements needed by the business and provided support for managing user permissions.


  • Business value – Centralized and secured data access
  • Business value – efficiency gain and user satisfaction due to reduced manual efforts
  • Time-saving
  • Cost-saving


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