Document Management

About The Client

TheraDome Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based medical therapy company that delivers some of the world's most technologically advanced laser hair therapy devices for home use. The company has its product with convenient features, including cordless and hands-free apparatus and automated treatment sessions with a high-tech microchip processor and voice-over technology.

The Client Requirement

The client intended to build its Document Management System (DMS) that will offer a centralized and user-friendly interface that will facilitate the user to perform all document-related activities, including view, upload, search, edit and delete documents along with helping manage permissions to perform these activities.

The business requirements specified that a user should be able to preview a document without opening in the browser. Also, a user should be able to open and edit the document in the browser without the need for any local office application.


WaferWire developed and implemented the solution in the 5 months window by customizing its fully functional DMS based on the specific business requirements. The team implemented the complete DMS site with a customized user interface for the DMS and incorporated the features, including the upload, multi-upload, co-authoring, version history and the capability to edit in the browser. Also, the team designed a custom user interface for the DMS folder hierarchy over the SharePoint OOTB (out of the box) Document library. The critical features of the product include

Earlier, the client was using a subscribed solution that was using a SharePoint Online Classic site. The solution was not user-friendly. Moreover, it used to take significantly more time to navigate to a folder or a file. The implemented solution offered enhanced efficiency and productivity with quick navigation and a user-friendly interface.


  • Business value – Real-time data visibility
  • Business value – Centralized and secured data access
  • Time-saving
  • Cost-saving


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