Duraco Ltd

About The Client

The client Duraco Ltd, a part of Taylor Smith Group, is a provider of quality eco-friendly household sanitary equipment. Duraco offers a range of green products, including compost bin, greywater recycling, rainwater harvesting tank, solar water heater, photovoltaics and many more. These products are designed to save water and electricity and help the sustainable living.

The Client Requirement

The client wanted to automate its manual complaint management process by implementing an efficient Complaint Management System. The proposed flow needed the operator to register the complaint in the SharePoint site based on the narration by the customers on the phone. The supervisor will receive these details and start working on it and update the status accordingly. Each status-update of the complaint should trigger a notification e-mail to all concerned personnel and also the customer who registered the complaint.


WaferWire provided the client with a solution to manage the complaints of the products sold. This solution was designed and deployed to follow the process based on the type of complaint.

The client wanted clear visibility in terms of cost while selecting the reporting tool. The WaferWire team not only presented two options, namely Power BI Reports and HTML report, but also provided a comprehensive comparison of their features and cost that helped the client to make an informed decision for finalizing the reporting tool for the project.

The team delivered the solution within three months’ timeline by customizing the SharePoint Online application by developing custom code for the complaint form and complaint filter screen. An Approval workflow was implemented based on the business need, which mandates a management approval for any free replacement of a product or its part during the warranty period.

The team achieved customer delight with superior service for the project and provided support to manage permission for reports.


  • Business value with real-time visibility to complaints and providing immediate support


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