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Expense Voucher Process (EVP) Software

Manage your employee expenses in just few clicks with WaferWire’s easy to use cloud based Expense Voucher Management Software!

Expense Voucher Process (EVP) is a cloud software solution used to track, manage and view expense details for your managed and non-managed resources working across different locations.

EVP highlights:

  • Helps manage and monitor travel expense by employee or consultants.
  • Helps to understand and forecast travel expenses.
  • Allows user to record and submit travel expense receipts for approval by management.
  • Managers can analyze approximate expense of travel for consultants beforehand and plan budget.
  • Expense approval and rejection workflow helps with expense reimbursement process. This process can be customized as required.
  • Feature to generate invoice, with receipts against expenses

WaferWire’s expense voucher software is ready to use solution and requires no additional efforts of installation or implementation. However, if an organization desires to have a system on premise and on cloud solely owned by them, we have the provision to facilitate the same as well.

WaferWire TMS

Expense Voucher Process (EVP) Advantages

  • Provides ready to use cloud solution for small and large enterprises.
  • No infrastructure required to use the solution
  • Cloud based: Web application, which can be accessed anywhere anytime
  • Subscription based service: Pay as you use
  • No cost and additional worries of support and maintenance
  • Authorization and authentication for different roles.
  • Email notification for activities
  • Affordable per user subscription cost.


Office 365 - SharePoint Online

Key Features of our Expense Voucher Software

User Interface

  • Put your company logo
  • Very intuitive user interface with easy operability
  • Precise features for respective roles and users.
  • Search – Saves time and helps to get required information on time
  • Just two-click menu access for all the features.
  • Responsive user interface
  • Supports mobile devices.


  • Create/update Expense Voucher Requests
  • Create Expense Vouchers to forecast expense before travel
  • View Expense Vouchers
  • View the status of the Expense Vouchers approval
  • Use and update existing Expense Vouchers for actual expense post travel
  • Attach receipts of the expenses incurred

Office Manager

  • View Expense Vouchers
  • Approve/Reject the forecast Expense Vouchers
  • Approve/Reject the actual Expense Vouchers
  • Authority to complete and close the Expense Vouchers
  • View list of invoice
  • Export vouchers and invoices to PDF. You can print/save as needed.
  • Expense reconciliation process (Company or Personal)


  • View Expense Vouchers created by Employees/Consultants for the Client travel.
  • Approve or reject the expenses related to the client travel expenses.
  • View forecast expenses of travel beforehand.
  • Approve/Reject the forecast Expense Vouchers
  • Approve/Reject the actual Expense Vouchers
  • View lists of Invoice


  • View expense vouchers created by Employees/Consultants for the Client travel.
  • View expense invoice
  • Approve or reject expense receipts related to travel
  • View the forecast expenses of travel beforehand.
  • Approve/Reject the forecast Expense Vouchers approved by Office Manager
  • View lists of Invoice

Affordable Expense Tracking Tool

For a low per user monthly license cost, get your organization to have a central and systematic Voucher Management System.

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