Expense Voucher Processing

About The Client

WaferWire offered its technical services to Takouba Security, a Project Management Consulting Company. The end-client was in the Project Management Training & Implementation Services. The client provided PMO services to businesses to enhance project and portfolio performance.

The Client Requirement

The client needed an Expense Management System with an approval workflow. The requirement included

  • Collection of anticipated expenses for a client visit or internal office visit
  • Collection of actual expenses accompanied by bills, receipts or invoices along with the mode of payment (cash, credit card, etc.)
  • Sending the anticipated and actual expenses for managerial review after submission
  • Reimbursement of the expenses to the employee and expense reconciliation

Additionally, the requirement specified that

The client was maintaining the data in MS Excel and wished to use a SharePoint Online-based solution that will help to store data at a centralized location with automated workflows for the required business processes.


The WaferWire team offered a SharePoint Online-based solution that offered a centralized content management platform for managing expense vouchers that will be approved by the Immediate Reporting Manager and subsequently, sent for the managerial approval workflow. The solution involved a subsite creation and implementation of the expense voucher management module. The solution time-line included 3 months of development followed by 2 months of implementation and support.

The team used HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript to customize the default SharePoint user interface and offered a cost-effective solution as compared to our competitive vendors.

Exporting a single voucher along with all the attached bills, invoices and receipts was a tricky part due to the limitation of the SharePoint Online OOTB feature which the team achieved with outside the box approach and JavaScript functions.

Some of the noteworthy features in the solution are


  • Cost-saving - The solution was more cost-effective as compared to the other vendors
  • Enhanced data governance – With centralized storage and automated workflows
  • Customer satisfaction – Delivering the functionality as needed by the client with an innovative approach and technical expertise


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