Global Vehicle Auction Portal

About The Client

The client is one of the leading car providers in Kirkland, WA, area. The client deals in new as well as refurbished cars with a warranty certificate and provides a platform for the car dealers to buy and sell cars through auction.

The Client Requirement

The client had a manual business process for car auction and wanted to automate it completely that can facilitate its clients and dealers access it from anywhere, anytime with 24/7 availability.


The WaferWire team developed a custom solution based on the client requirement that automated the business process from end-to-end. It included process automation of buying and selling cars through auction. The solution included seamless integration of AutoBase car feed containing the crucial car auction data at regular intervals. Also, with the technical niche, the team efficiently managed the stringent data validation requirements and developed the portal to reflect the time based auction details. The solution was successfully developed and implemented with the development window of 3 months.


  • End-to-end Business Process Automation
  • High data accuracy with minimized errors


ASP.NET MVC API JQuery SQL server Azure