Housing Authority of Snohomish County

About The Client

HASCO provides housing solutions for the people and communities of Snohomish County. They connect people with federal and local programs that help with rent, provide affordable housing in places we own and support our tenants with services. HASCO leads within a network of housing services providers, working toward a future where all Snohomish County residents have good quality housing, and places to call home.

Their needs

They needed to develop a solution that would organize their content that would be conducive to document retention and records management. They also need to create an environment that would promote interdepartmental collaboration and sharing of content yet allow departments to function independently when applicable.

HASCO has an existing tenant in Microsoft 365 and has incorporated an Intranet built using classic design. Waferwire created a new Intranet using modern designs selecting a template that is suitable from the SharePoint Lookbook. Being cost conscious, HASCO has opted using available templates rather than going through a design phase. From there the Waferwire development team started putting together an architecture that is appropriate for their needs and giving them a means to scale and grow the solution. Other work performed:

  • Developed a document management that would properly manage organization content and improve the overall user experience.
  • Developed an automated records management solution to ensure compliance with retention regulations.
  • Created multiple workflows and applications using the Power Platform to facilitate and automated current business processes.
  • Assisted in migrating content from the old system to the new system.
  • Trained key personnel with the use and management of the solution.