Insurance Survey - Process automation

About The Client

World Vision is a non-profit, charitable organization. The client empowers communities, children and families across the globe to escape injustice and poverty through a variety of programs including medical care, child sponsorship, food security and many more.

The Client Requirement

The client needed to manage insurance details and estimate the insurance cost of their properties present in various countries across the world. The client wanted to automate the manual business process that was using emails and excel sheets. The business requirement included digitizing an annual approval process on each property to be insured. This process requires the submission of data after verification of certain criteria specific to the properties. The earlier process followed by the client, was time-consuming. Additionally, being a manual process, there was a high probability of data integrity issues due to human errors that can lead to miss-calculation.


The WaferWire team offered an entirely new customized application. The new integrated solution with a Real Estate application was in the form of a centralized web portal where users from different countries can enter the financial data in their local currencies. The solution was designed to convert this local currency data into USD that will be reflected in the financial reports.

The solution served the primary purpose of allotting a centralized space for the data from different country-users and derive the global asset insured value that needed to buy the insurance for the properties.

The solution also facilitated ad-hoc reporting where a user can get the required report by just selecting the relevant fields and filter criteria.

The project was successfully delivered and exceeded client expectations. WaferWire is associated with the client since 2011 and has provided the client with many quality deliveries. The team offers annual paid support during the verification period every year.


  • Cost-effective
  • Significant time saving (around 50%) – With the implemented solution, the process takes about 3-3.5 months as compared to 6-8 months it required earlier.
  • Business Value - Enhanced quality with less human errors


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