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Office 365 Intranet Portal can give your organization a new face.

Microsoft Office 365 Intranet portal have all the capabilities that your organization needs. Ask us your dream intranet and we will deliver it.

The things every organization should consider in their Intranet portal

Intranet portal requirements are always depend and vary business to business. If intranet portal requirements are perfectly defined, it will always give you an ease for every defined process. These are the things your intranet should have:

  • Document Management System – SafeVault DMS®
  • Required automated approval workflows and processes (Tailor-made solutions)
  • Success Stories of Company and employees
  • Events: Local events like sporting events, get to gathers, team dinner/lunch etc. Include RSVP to check people’s interest. It will do your work of team building activities
  • UI should be user friendly and attractive to use
  • Intelligent tailored search can give you meaningful results
  • It should reflect company’s culture
  • Common features of organization intranet portal


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News & Announcements

Spread the words with your colleagues company-wide or on local sites. Featured Announcements will make everyone aware. Keep your employees updated at every point and time.


Manage and create events quickly. Save events with your mailbox. Using RSVP (Invitations & Responses) get all the statistics of each event.


Using Survey tool find out organization’s pulse. A quick questionnaire can help you to take any decision. Survey can be useful to get employees opinion on particular matters.


Employee can manage their individual task with the details like status, target dates, priority and comments. This will help employees to track and prioritize their work hours.

Yammer Integration

Yammer is a social networking tool but for organization much like Facebook for organizations. It can be integrated with intranet portal and you can do much more than just send messages, store file, announcements, feeds, polls, and chat forums. So it brings a more social aspect to your business and you can collaborate with everyone on a much wider platform.

New Hires

Make on-boarding system easy and quick. Before blitzing them with too much information, have them sit down at their computer and allow them to surf the onboarding site. Onboarding site can include onboarding documents, videos, general info, HR forms and more. Many other processes can be included in this. E.g Onboarding checklist.


Share blogs internally. Express your thoughts and ideas. A platform to know views of the people along with their contribution in sharing knowledge.

Birthday Components

Wish your colleagues on their birthdays. See list of coming birthdays on calendar. Send your colleagues birthday greetings cards on their birthday. Insert your colleague’s name and message with the choices of different greeting cards.


Notes can help you as a reminder. You can always write on quick notes while important conversations.

Floor Plan

Floor plan can give you the exact location of each employees. You can see his/her sitting area.

Public Post and Discussion board

Employee can raise their interests and questions on discussion board. Employee can start the discussion on many topics like sports, automobile, real-estate, politics etc.

Employee card

Employee card shows the details of the employee. It shows departments, affiliated detail, sitting area, recent activities etc. It also shows the uploaded images and videos.

Business Trip Guide

Employees insert their trip experience for each trip. Other user can see it and ask their questions with comments.

Organization Chart

Employee can see the whole hierarchy of the company with their locations and point of contacts.

Document Management System

Manage your important documents with SafeVault DMS®

Service Desk Request/Ticketing

Facing problems? Issues? Generate a ticket and get your problem resolved.

Tailor-made Solutions/Custom-made Solution

Many a times out-of-the-box Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint features are not enough to meet business requirements, Waferwire’s custom-made solution can help you achieve the desired results. Develop approval workflows and permissions with tailor-made solutions.


Arrange some contests like quiz and puzzles. Get the data of most frequent users. Appreciate them with reward, gift cards etc. This will help in employee engagement and involvement. By participating in a contest, employees can also learn more about how to use certain features of the intranet.


An internal marketplace where users can sell, buy, and donate items. Employees can post their items for sales other users can see it and approach it with comments and like.

Idea Room

Idea room can take management further up with employees’ new ideas. Management can discover new business opportunities. Human resource can explore employees’ knowledge, expertise and interests.


Office 365 intranet portal can bring many benefits to your business. Some of the main advantages of an intranet portal are:

  • Intranet portal is a center of all communication and collaboration in your organization.
  • Intranet portal is not just a collaboration tool. It can document processes, and provide the actual tools to automate processes.
  • Improve your message with images and videos
  • This can enhance employees to reach their full potential as it is mobile friendly and cloud based (Office 365).
  • Manage your important documents with SafeVault DMS®
  • User permissions make intranet more useful and secured.
  • Achieve organization goal through Intranet. We believe, “In direction for a company to be successful, every individual must understand its goals. Neither long-term nor short-term goals should be confined to upper management meetings.”

In the Cloud

Using Microsoft Office 365, we build Intranets. WaferWire Cloud Technology can provide best intranet experience with Office 365 and SharePoint. It can be integrated with other Office 365 applications.

We can build/develop intranets for small and medium size organizations to multinationals. So businesses can always spread out their specific needs.

Technologies: Office 365 SharePoint + Azure

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