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Azure Web Management Services

Break boundaries without breaking the bank

With Microsoft Azure you can gain a competitive edge and keep your business moving forward without breaking the bank. Azure helps you bring products and services to market quickly. You can run your operations more cost-effectively, paying only for what you use, not for what you don’t. And you can free up budget to spend on other business needs by eliminating the cost of infrastructure hardware.

Choose your own path to the “modern business”, with a flexible cloud platform that offers the following features:

  • A 99.95% monthly SLA
  • Enterprise-level security used by many of the world’s largest organizations today
  • The ability to use any language, framework, or tool to build applications
  • Unlimited servers and storage

MS Sql Azure Cloud Management Services in Seattle, Bellevue, Washington, USA

Only Microsoft offers a flexible platform that lets you choose the path that’s best for your business, whether that’s on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid combination. Azure is a core part of this overall vision that helps you make the cloud a seamless part of your IT


  • Focus on business rather than infrastructure
  • Free up your budget to spend on other business needs by eliminating the cost of new hardware
  • Are you looking for high performance and reliability similar to enterprise infrastructure?
  • Does your organization require enterprise-level security with the same data protection and datacenter security that many of the world's largest organizations receive?
  • Would like to build flexible IT infrastructure that's instantly scalable to support your growing business needs?
  • Do you wish to have predictable monthly cost?
  • Want data security and intellectual property rights management?
  • Looking for effective disaster recovery solution?

Azure - The Answer to All


  • Offers wide range of services from selection and hardware, based on performance requirements
  • Select region specific data centre thereby improving performance and complying with regulations
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) allows you to go global


  • Easily scale applications to any size
  • Configure/Upgrade in minutes

Cost Effective

  • Lower TCO, compared to on premise deployment
  • Reduce application/server management costs
  • Host apps on Azure to deploy quickly and pay only for resources used

High Availability

  • Ensure continuous uptime with Azure's 99.95% monthly SLA
  • Back up your files and data to cloud, with ease and affordability
  • Disaster Recovery - Local & Geo redundant data centers
  • Dependable data centers


  • Identity and access management
  • Encryption and key management
  • Monitoring, logging and reporting
  • Network security

WaferWire Offers:


  • Understanding your business requirement(s)
  • Design architecture with best suitable services
  • Planning and implementation of application/infrastructure migration
  • Optimization of your existing Azure subscription
  • Administration of Azure subscription


  • Development of ASP.NET MVC for web-app
  • SQL Azure - database designing, performance tuning & indexing, row-level security, elastic scale APIs, manage database using service management (REST), GEO-Replication, synchronization
  • Define and implement hybrid solution between on premise and Azure
  • Load balancing
  • Session management
  • Use of queues, storage, services bus, cache and security
  • Development and configuration of scheduler, worker's role and web job
  • Configure RMS
  • Configuration and migration of Azure AD & ADFS
  • Remote debugging

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