My Grant Manager

About The Client

MyGrantManager is a non-profit organization. The client is into supporting and enhancing grant procurement and management process for around two decades. It helps businesses to find funding, manage the application process and administer their grant awards in compliance, hassle-free, efficiently and intuitively. With its niche in the grants field, the client significantly eases out tracking expenditure and performance measures for its end-users without making them spend their valuable work time.

The Client Requirement

The client intended to build a solution that will facilitate the end-users to manage their grants. The business required that the end-user should be able to manage expenditure against the grant, based on the expenditure categories and budget. The requirement mandated that the solution should be accessible to the only authenticated user, while an anonymous user should be able to request access to the solution by signing up for a demo.

Further, the solution should have users as well as an administrator profile. While a user can manage expenses against the budgeted amount in each category, the administrator should be able to manage users and their grants and accept user requests. The business mandated a mobile-friendly solution that should ensure hassle-free access to its end-users.


WaferWire offered a completely new, Cloud-based web-portal solution to the client for efficiently managing its end-users’ grants within a month’s time-frame. The primary purpose of the solution was to efficiently track expenses incurred by the grantee.

The solution has two user roles -

The solution consists of an intuitive dashboard with responsive web-design for accessing it through mobile devices. Further, an end-user can print and export various insights such as category-wise budget and expenditure till-date and objectives with respective details.


  • Business Process Automation of grant and expenditure tracking
  • Anytime, anywhere access from any device
  • Real-time visibility to grant and expenditure data


ASP.NET MVC 5 .NET Framework 4.5 AngularJS SQL Server Azure Azure Kendo Charts HTML5 CSS3