Make banking, finance, and insurance better with Microsoft Power BI

Banks deal with a high volume of customers who perform various transactions on a daily basis. To keep track of their business performance, banks require assistance in analyzing their pipeline and growth while monitoring profitability. It is crucial to continuously track the overall business performance and also maintain the ability to view detailed information on individual products and business lines to achieve success.

By utilizing Power BI, you can develop a personalized solution that directly links to cloud-based CRM data sources. This will enable you to showcase crucial business performance data through user-friendly visual aids. This grants you the ability to promptly identify areas of the business that are excelling and those that necessitate immediate action.

Standardize and streamline banking, finance, and insurance operations with Power BI

Power BI dashboards for banking, finance, and insurance

Bank Executive summary dashboard

Keep track of patterns and compare key financial indicators among different branches of the bank.

Profit/Loss dashboard

Summarize the revenue, cost, and expenses incurred during a specific period, i.e., fiscal quarter or year.

Stock trader dashboard

Identify, analyze, visualize, and react to market changes with a high-level view.

Cash flow & management dashboard

Monitor and evaluate liquidity and cash flow across all the branches.

Balance sheet analysis dashboard

Assess your bank and financial institution’s financial health and position at a particular point in time.

Division growth Aanalysis dashboard

Utilizing historical data to offer perspectives on the annual or monthly development of various banking departments to make calculated decisions about which divisions need assistance and which ones are demonstrating robust growth.

Insurance claim dashboard

Make it easy for supervisors and chiefs to effectively check and manage claims, quotes, and policies.

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