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Project Development and Maintenance Working Model

We propose to use 3 common approaches:

Project-based outsourcing

In this model, we take complete project on fix time and fix cost basis. On the basis of complete requirement of client and we define exact scope of the work document (SRS document), which will mention all the require effort and task to be executed. We commence development only after once the SRS document get signoff by both the parties. Any changes in scope (minor or major) after signoff SRS document shall go under change management process and it will be done only after the completion of initial project scope. After the finalization of requirement, we break down project in multiple tasks and define milestones of individual task as per timeline of project. Our project manager set priorities of task to be executed by all the project team members as per several activities.

Phase Activities Deliverables

Gather requirements

Define scope of the project

Identify critical issues

Create detailed project plan

Project proposal

SRS document

Project plan

System architecture

Quality plan

Design Documents creation

Develop system design

Design document

Development/Unit testing

Sign off SRS document

Modules coding

Unit testing

System in overall development

Code walkthrough review

Test case development

Test plan

Issue tracking log

System test cases

System testing/Integration

Test cases running

Bug fixing

Change request review

Update test cases

Update design document

Test plan

Test cases

Test log sheet

Approved change requests

Updated design document

Acceptance/Release to Production


Verify acceptance criteria

Bug fixing

Change request review

User training

Development of user manuals

Sign-off on acceptance

List of QA bugs

User manuals

Installation/Release notes

Time and material outsourcing

This model is helpful in case of client initial requirement is clear and wants to start development right away but may be whole suite of the project requirement is not documented or clear. This model helps in case of;

  • When the project scope is variable
  • Expected to arise many changes after review of initial development results or may be in between review of system
  • Some experiment and R&D on critical task (when the time is not sure, how long exercise can go.)

In this option, client sets priorities of tasks and define milestone and accordingly allot task to project team. This option is very much helpful to maintain budget and project delay when the requirement is not sure. We give weekly status report to client for work done by individual team member and task completed, accordingly client can allot next task and set priorities of task.

Dedicated development team

In this model, client can hire our professional resources on individual basis to execute task or complete team for execution of complete project. In this option, our team work completely under client project management direction.


  • Define scope agreement and sign off which includes duration of the project
  • Identify key team members for execution of project
  • Define approach to understand client requirement, business process, standards, IT environment and communication
  • Define strategy and project execution
  • Build IT environment as per requirement of project (Setup hardware, team and required software)
  • Give necessary training to project team, if requires
  • Start development as per execution plan
  • Define reporting system to give track and status of project to client
  • Review deliverables
  • Deployment of project, implementation and training

Under this model, we make contract for testing and maintenance & client support apart from project development.

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