Romac Industries Inc.

About The Client

Romac Industries Inc. is a Washington based industrial engineering company. The client has been manufacturing pipe products for the waterworks industry since 1969. Over the years, Romac has converted innovative ideas into inventive products. The client carries out almost all manufacturing phases in-house with a simplified and efficient supply chain with quality products and quick turn-around.

The Client Requirement

The client needed an automated solution for their manual business process that will calculate and provide an exact restraint length for a pipe based on multiple parameters such as the material of the pipe, trench type, test pressure and many more. Additionally, the customer needed the look & feel of the restraint and pipe with calculated values in an image.


The WaferWire team offered a solution in the form of Restraint Calculator that offered

Displaying calculated values on images was one of the tricky functionalities for which WaferWire team’s web and graphics expertise came handy. The entire project was developed and implemented in a month’s timeframe with additional PDF export functionality with all the parameters, calculation and graphics.


  • Business requirement fulfillment & Customer satisfaction - The functionality was delivered precisely as required by the business specifications.
  • Enhanced accuracy with minimum error.
  • Improved business prospects.
  • Anytime, anywhere access.
  • Skill independent - Saves the need for expertise.


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