Facility Maintenance Management

About The Client

SBM.CC is one of the leading providers in the US that offers facility cleaning and maintenance on-site. The client caters to several sectors including offices, retail stores, educational facilities, industrial and institutional buildings, hospitals, hotels, airports and laboratories with its services portfolio including cleaning and specialty services, food plant sanitization, hotel support, healthcare sanitization, disaster restoration, event support, aviation support and business improvement.

The Client Requirement

The client required to maintain its data at a centralized location for streamlining the services it is providing. The client intended to migrate its already existing SharePoint On-premise to SharePoint Online solution for this purpose. The requirement included travel route tracking of a cleaner and the daily and monthly MIS reports with e-mail notifications.


The WaferWire team offered a completely customized solution to the client using SharePoint Online. The solution was developed and implemented over a year with 2 years of support and maintenance timeframe. The offered custom solution helped the client to store and manage data at a central location with anytime, anywhere data access with

The travel route tracking functionality was implemented using efficient mobile app design and development to accurately trace the time and route of the cleaner including the building entry and exit specifications. Accurate tracking of the minutest details ensured precise travel expense calculation and cleaning time and ensured better cost analysis.

The team faced challenges due to the SharePoint list view limitation that allows only 5000 records per list, however, with an efficient archiving strategy, the team could overcome this challenge by archiving the data upon reaching the limitation of 5000 records.


  • High data accuracy by tracing accurate and minutest details to track cleaner route and calculate travel expenses
  • Time-saving as a result of upgrade from SharePoint On-Premise to SharePoint Online
  • Cost-saving with superior data accuracy


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