Social Media Integration

About The Client

The client is an individual who provides services to one of the globally leading American IT Corporations that is listed in the top 30 Fortune 500 companies. The client serves the corporate that is into developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting and selling computer electronics, software, personal computers and related services.

The Client Requirement

The client wanted to create a platform that can simplify searching for an individual or a company across various social media websites with a single click. The business also required the facility to provide a comment or feedback to the searched individual/company that will be displayed to other users registered on the platform.


Based on the client’s requirement, we brought this idea into reality with in-depth research and efficient use of Google and Bing search APIs and other Social Networking website APIs. The custom solution was primarily designed to search social media profiles from various social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus and provide feedback. Further, a registered user can search and view all the feedbacks and comments given to an individual or company.

To get the individual or company from various social networking sites, the team first needed to search that person or organization on Google or Bing and narrow down the right profile from the available social networking website results. The team used various APIs and client-side web scraping efficiently to achieve this.

Further, while using an API, Google has a limitation on the number of searches. We tackled this challenge by tracking the search counter in the application and redirecting the user to Bing after reaching the Google API search limit. The entire solution was built and implemented within 2 month’s window.


  • Implemented customized solution to get the exact business idea into reality
  • Time savings with single click search for an individual/company across all Social Networking sites


ASP.NET MVC 5 .NET Framework 4.5 SQL Server Facebook APP Google+ API Twitter API LinkedIn API Google API Bing API