One of the largest fast-food restaurants in the KSA

About The Client

The client is the franchisee of one of the largest chain of fast-food restaurants in the world, with 37,000+ outlets across the globe that serve over 69 million customers every day in over 100 countries .

Owned and operated by Riyadh International Food Company, the client is a major contributor to the KSA’s (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) economy with over 273 restaurants and has employed more than 8,000 employees. The company invests greatly in hiring and training the local workforce and supports local suppliers. With a commitment to offering safe and high-quality food to its customers, the company complies with local and international food safety regulations and adheres to the highest food safety standards.

The Client Requirement

The client intended to build a team collaboration platform with a regulated budget. The solution would deliver on 3 key areas

  • Team collaboration
  • Document management
  • Content management

The client was using Network-attached Storage (NAS) for its document management purpose and was facing issues with managing user rights. There was a need to replace this system with the SharePoint intranet portal with OOTB (Out-of-the-box) features due to its seamless user and permission management among other benefits. The client also needed to build a document center to efficiently organize documents and set document retention policies for archival purposes.


The WaferWire team used SharePoint OOTB functionalities and features to the fullest as required by the business preferences to implement

  • Employee Directory
  • Document Center
  • Department-wise subsites
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • My Recent Documents

Additionally, the team implemented a discussion board for each department subsite and Enterprise Search Configuration. The requirements that had limitations with OOTB features such as the Dashboard were completely customized for the client.

The team faced challenges with metadata while offering the Enterprise Search Configuration and document retention and archiving policies while setting up Document Center. However, they effectively overcame them by implementing SharePoint OOTB search features and using OOTB subsites for Document Center.


The exact client requirement was fulfilled by primarily using SharePoint OOTB features as required by the client within challenging estimated hours and almost 50% less cost as compared to other competitors. The main benefits include

  • Significant cost saving
  • Exact requirement fulfillment in line with business requirement
  • Client Satisfaction


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