Reimagine journey to new horizons

Make your business processes more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable with digital tools.

Make your business more efficient with cloud

Boost business efficiency and agility for sustainable growth with the cloud.

Empower collaboration with mobility

Collaborate effectively from anywhere, anytime, on any authorized device.

Unleash your business potential

Make your business processes more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable with digital tools.

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What we do

WaferWire crafts innovative solutions to solve and help organizations overcome business challenges. With decades of expertise onshore and offshore, we deliver business process automation, web, mobile, and cloud strategy solutions. As a digital transformation service, we ensure businesses build resilience and reliability and facilitate digital transformation by organizational needs.

Our service offerings

Product engineering

Accelerate your digital transformation journey and stay ahead of the competition with innovative, customized, client-focused software solutions.


Data engineering & analytics

Optimize your data assets, gain insights, make informed decisions, and improve your business performance with a team of data experts and innovative technologies.


SRE & DevOps

Minimize downtime, increase efficiency, and enhance user experience of your software systems to improve their reliability, scalability, and performance.


AI Enablement services

Uncover the possibilities of artificial intelligence, driving efficiency, enhanced productivity, and strategic advancement for a competitive edge.

Our suite of professional services

WaferWire offers professional services such as product engineering, data engineering and analytics, SRE and DevOps, data processing, consulting, staffing, Azure consulting, and BizTalk consulting to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation, optimize their data assets, improve their software systems, streamline workflows, and achieve their strategic goals. With experienced industry experts and innovative technologies, WaferWire provides client-focused solutions for growth and efficiency. 

Our Services


Embrace process automation, project management, customer experience, and digital transformation to navigate workplace challenges.


Data & Analytics

Make intelligent decisions with insights from data you didn't know you had.



Improve and simplify collaboration, communication, and the exchange of critical data, while keeping your business and its data secure.


Staffing Services

Fill the roles you need with highly qualified professionals in your industry.

Recent Works

Treasury Curve

For more than 20 years, Treasury Curve LLC has efficiently offered a unique digital platform to some of the world's leading finance and asset management companies.

Treasury Curve provides a unique cloud-based Treasury Management System (TMS) solution integrated with SWIFT - a globally accepted secure banking transaction infrastructure. The solution effectively manages investments, payments, cash and foreign exchange for the treasury departments of public sector entities and mid to large-cap corporations.

One of the largest fast-food restaurants in the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

The client is the franchisee of one of the largest chain of fast-food restaurants in the world, with 37,000+ outlets across the globe that serve over 69 million customers every day in over 100 countries.

Gazprom International (Russia)

Know how WaferWire team helped its client – Gazprom International – Russia-based large Oil and Gas company offer enterprise-wide uniform access to its employees with a SharePoint Intranet platform. The solution encompassed many unique requirements including a platform to share global business trip experiences and floor plan functionality with an employee desk locator amongst others.

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Brands we serve

We are here to help you find the right solutions for your business and guide you throughout your journey with us.