Treasury Curve

About The Client

For more than 20 years, TreasuryCurve LLC has efficiently offered a unique digital platform to some of the world's leading finance and asset management companies.

TreasuryCurve provides a unique cloud-based Treasury Management System (TMS) solution integrated with SWIFT - a globally accepted secure banking transaction infrastructure. The solution effectively manages investments, payments, cash and foreign exchange for the treasury departments of public sector entities and mid to large-cap corporations.

With Category 1 SWIFT membership under its belt, the client offers increased efficiencies and visibility within the treasury function. It facilitates all bank feeds through a single SWIFT pipe and enables a consolidated dashboard view of liquidity, cash, exposures and financial positions. Additionally, it provides straight-through processing integration with the existing financial applications. All this results in reduced costs, more informed decisions and reduced corporate and financial risk.

The Client Requirement

TreasuryCurve required to develop a solution that will facilitate a subscription-based platform for its clients to deal with the money market to maximize idle cash utilization.

The client also required

  • Multi-language display support
  • Drag and drop feature with show/hide columns in a grid
  • Integration with third-party tools
  • Customized dividend calculation
  • The requirement to quickly scale-up/down based on its clients' changing business volume


WaferWire offered Treasury Curve an innovative customized cloud-based solution that can be efficiently subscribed to by its clients. The new solution consisted of Investment and Cash modules and provided seamless integration with other third-party applications including iMoneyNet and SWIFT. The solution was designed to efficiently calculate the daily dividend. The catch was to compute the precise daily dividend value among the changing base shares and dollar amount. The WaferWire team experts tackled this challenge by devising an efficient calculation logic to arrive at the daily dividend that is settled at the start of every month.

Additionally, a careful approach of need-based scaling up/down the hardware facilitated just the right amount of hardware resources saving additional costs that were not required. Further, scaling-up or scaling down the resources is now just a click away. It enabled rapid response to changing business requirements such as an increase in the number of clients.

During our five years of association with TreasuryCurve, we have provided our client with an efficient and easy-to-use solution with seamless integration with third-party tools. We have been successfully incorporating new features on our client's demand and have earned increasing client satisfaction.


  • Rapid response to changing business requirements
  • Customizable scale-up/down with a click
  • Saving costs with just the right amount of hardware
  • Robust security offered by Microsoft Azure platform
  • A one-stop, integrated solution that optimizes idle cash utilization with compliance


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