Navigating challenges in hospital data management and visualization

Enhancing patient care through data-driven solutions

Data dilemma in modern healthcare

In today’s healthcare landscape, data is both the lifeblood and the bottleneck. With a staggering 2.3 quintillion bytes of healthcare data generated daily worldwide, hospitals are inundated with patient information, clinical records, and operational data. Yet, despite this data deluge, challenges persist: 

  • Nearly 80% of healthcare data remains unstructured, making it challenging to extract valuable insights. 
  • A mere 27% of healthcare organizations have strategies in place to utilize this vast data goldmine effectively. 

Amidst these data challenges, healthcare providers grapple with timely decision-making, resource allocation, and patient engagement. 

The complexity of healthcare data challenges

Data analysis & reporting

Inaccurate and timely insights

Inefficient communication

Data privacy and security

Complex data sharing

Patient engagement

Resource allocation

Real-time monitoring

How does Data Analytics for hospitals work?

Data Source

EMR, Personalized data, Multisource data, etc.

Data Cleaning

Data pre-processing, Deleting missing values records, etc.

Data Analytics

Clustering, Classification Outliers detection, Association analysis etc.


Prevention applications, Prevention strategies, Prediction, etc.

Our services for hospitals

Healthcare data integration & management

Cost-efficient healthcare data visualization solutions

Healthcare data privacy and security solutions

Advanced healthcare data analytics solution

Healthcare resource allocation optimization

Patient engagement solutions for health data

Healthcare data communication and sharing solutions

Real-time healthcare monitoring and alert solutions

Benefits of Data Analytics for hospitals

Personalized patient care

Enhanced clinical decision-making


Inventory management

Resource allocation



Optimized patient experience

Population health management


Budgeting and forecasting

Streamlined patient billings & insurance claims

Compliance & reporting

Track & improve care quality


Our expertise in healthcare Data Analytics

We offer different healthcare data analytics

Descriptive analytics

Understanding historical trends

Predictive analytics

Forecasting the future

Discovery analytics

Determining what to explore next

Prescriptive analytics

Unearthing new strategies

Case Studies

Case study- Epileptic seizure
Case study-Pharma startup
Case study- Diabetes patient risk
Case study- Preserving data integrity