How can you upgrade from Dynamics AX 2012 to MS Dynamics 365?

Are you looking to upgrade from Dynamics AX to 365? 

But, to upgrade to Dynamics 365 F&O seamlessly, you need the right resources. So, partnering with a seasoned Dynamics 365 partner to develop the right approach and implementation strategy is necessary. Otherwise, you’ll treat yourselves to unwanted complexities and hassles.

We have a 7-step process that we implement while upgrading our client’s ERP to Dynamics 365. 

  1. Evaluation: This is a crucial step where we analyze your existing system. The reason is to understand your current system’s capabilities, features, existing modules, and areas for improvement. Then, we try to align it with your business requirements that you aimed to meet with the current system and what are the possible future demands to achieve more.  
  2. Understanding requirements: Every business is unique. So, will be its requirements and the way it operates. Therefore, to fulfill these requirements, it runs on different methodologies. And we understand this very well. So, we try to understand their processes and identify areas of improvement. After all, every business unit comprises multiple departments, and every department has various modules to optimize its operations and enhance its capabilities.  
  3. Crafting a strategy: Once we get the data, we build a tailored upgrading plan for you. We map all the existing processes and list new process upgrades. What we do- track all the resources, prepare a timeline, outline the potential risks in the process, and then craft a Dynamics 365 upgrade plan based on the data we analyzed.  
  4. Backing up your data: Once we craft the plan and pull up our sleeves to start the upgrading process, we create a data backup to play safe in case of data loss, failed transfers, or corruption. Once we do your data backup, the upgrade process is ready to kick start.  
  5. Implementing Dynamics 365: Now, it’s time! We start with the implementation process. We handle all the essential requirements during the process and guarantee optimized performance. 
  6. Testing: Once we implement the upgrade process, we request the clients to check the system thoroughly and check whether the new system meets all the defined KPIs. If the system still highlights some improvement, we work again and start tweaks and changes to fulfill the promised demands.  
  7. Training: Finally, you have your upgraded Dynamics 365 F&O! As per our agreement with our clients, we train their employees on this system to work hassle-free and leverage the power of Dynamics 365 to its best. 

Isn’t our 7-step upgrading process easy?  

After all, our upgrading, implementing, and supporting services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a business like yours aim to maximize your business growth with enhanced efficiency and simplify your business operations by 30%.  

So, if you want to get on this bandwagon of skyrocketing growth, contact us or write to us at Let’s check the possibilities of partnering with us to empower your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

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