SharePoint migration – Top 4 features of SharePoint online 2019


Effective communication accelerates project deliverables and improves the workplace culture.  To work collaboratively on projects and improve ‘go to’ market times requires enhanced visibility into the tasks that are delegated to different teams – it helps them make critical decisions on the go.

The focus remains quick access to important information and creating integration touch points, that aligns them towards their business goals.

The latest 2019 SharePoint version release works on the similar lines. The release of SharePoint 2019 creates new and modern experiences for users, which are both intuitive and familiar to the last version (2016).

Since the 2016 release and the introduction of SharePoint online, on-premises version is a reciprocal version to the feature in the online version.

The main upgrades and releases in 2019 version revolves around three different themes –

  • Increased user experiences developed through SharePoint online
  • Content engagement across all browsers and devices
  • Effective scaling security and compliance capabilities

Here are the top 4 features in SharePoint online 2019 that provide user experiences which are compelling, flexible, mobile and easier to use –

1. SharePoint home page

The homepage is a modern UI experience that gives users unified access to all of their sites—online and on-premises. One can seamlessly navigate through their intranet, catch up with activities across their sites with a glance, and see a personalized view of all team news.

Additionally, it is now a launching point for users to create new and modern sites on a self-service basis.

2. Communication sites

It is a place to share news, showcase a story, and broadcast messages to other people. The new Hero web part can display up to five items with compelling images, text, and links to draw attention to the most important content. Users easily create communication sites for themselves from SharePoint Home without the need to contact IT.

3. Modern sharing experiences

The current version now supports modern sharing experiences with a simplified sharing UI. One can now easily share links to content with others in the organization. Also, warnings are given if you’re sharing to a large group or sharing a large number of items.

4. Simplified Access to the Team Site

One of the best SharePoint features is that one can share sites with other people to have the required permissions and accordingly, provide access to the sites. One needs to invite people to the sites and set the desired expectations – that makes SharePoint online sites extremely useful, especially when collaborating with large teams.

The new preview contains the modern experiences for lists and libraries in team sites. The default lists and library experience is optimized for most common tasks, allowing users to copy and move files using the command bar as well as pin documents, add files as links, filter and sort easily and apply formatting to columns.

SharePoint online 2019 delivers an enhanced hybrid experience to all the users – most importantly, the new rock solid sync feature for OneDrive allows SharePoint to become one-size-fits-all solution for all the organizational needs.

While migration can be overwhelming, we, WaferWire Cloud Technologies can help you select the best suitable options for your organization. Contact us and our technical team to get the most out of your SharePoint investment.


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