SharePoint for data migration challenges in organizations


As IT environments have become unbelievably complex with thousands of hybrid solutions, they continue to evolve over the years. This means that industries will need to replace legacy applications to upgrade old systems, or need to move data from one application to another. Reason, system failures and unresponsive programs shall not be withstood in the coming years.

Even organizations and working professionals are now accustomed with smooth working systems – hunting for migration is a typical challenge for everyone undergoing digital transformation, because individually, reasons can vary.

SharePoint not only helps, but gives an organization a platform that suits all the business needs – though we first need to understand the issues which they usually face, in migration.

Potential roadblocks in data migration

The prime target of data system migrations involve the sub-issue of information migration, compiled with knowledge assortment tools and databases. They remain among the most valuable resources for businesses – various sorts of data are perpetually evolving and accruing in storage.

Most of the experts do not express interest in documenting the process for legacy data than completing the process. Documentation remains a crucial part – it can be tedious to plan the process in its absence.

SharePoint migration gives your industrial solutions a new life that further supports a favorable working environment in your organization. This benefits especially when one needs to upgrade their features, increase productivity and reduce costs of a company’s digital workplace.

Its data quality needs to be taken care of (SharePoint does that), since it is one of the main reasons of project delays and cost overruns. Redundancies need due attention – plus, based on the volumes of data and the nature of the targeted systems, conversion period remains a significant challenge for implementation.

Technical hurdles can cause issues, which involve problems with harnessing comfortable resources for the task, each with technological and human resources.

When you migrate to SharePoint, it helps you to steer a course through a technical environment where change is becoming exponential and ultra-multidimensional.

Data migration exercises consist of records from different systems to be integrated, interfaced with a target system in different formats. When one successfully manages the former, the next chore becomes driving adoption. An ineffective migration can lead to lack of efficiency and scalability, technical obsolescence and high maintenance costs.

Conceptually, SharePoint migration can be seen as a simple task. It involves transferring data stored from a source system to the required destination without affecting operations.

Before one questions about the complexities and the challenges, consider the following in the source and destination systems –

  • Data storage is possible in more than one systems.
  • The required data can be incomplete.
  • At destination, data usually must be populated in a different format than source and data transformation it is required.
  • Destination data model is still being defined.

Further challenges can be –

Parallel run decision

As the migration strategy is defined along the planning phase, parallel run is often one of the topics discussed with key business users. It needs extra effort to maintain two systems in parallel, which can be challenging from both business and technical perspectives.

Data cleansing

Migration projects require data cleansing to achieve the desired data quality level (data quality KPI) in destination system – which are segregated on the basis of business critical/ non-critical and mandatory/non-mandatory data.

Validation and Test Migration

It is necessary to validate the migration results with key business users and to establish the correct timing for the migration tasks.

Migrating to SharePoint offers immense benefits when businesses need to collaborate on a project. With the proven track record of providing data migration solutions, WaferWire stands ready with powerful capabilities and holds expertise to overcome the challenges. Which can range from handling legacy data to defining rollover strategies.


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