Why Organizations Need SharePoint?

Why organisation need SharePoint WaferWire

Today’s highly competitive business world demands cost reduction, ever-high efficiency and productivity, robust security, ease of working and automation to capitalize on revenue growth. It’s especially true when businesses are expanding globally with blurred geographies. With 200,000 companies and over 190 million people across the globe, Microsoft SharePoint is one of the increasingly popular content management platforms that help businesses overcome these hassles in their day-to-day operations.

Let’s get acquainted with some of the SharePoint advantages that will elaborate on why your business needs SharePoint –

  • Efficient document management

SharePoint offers a convenient centralized place where anyone from the staff can quickly find and store the information they need. It gives everyone complete visibility to the critical information as against a group email, where a lot of information can potentially get ignored or lost due to difficulty in finding the reference information. Also, it achieves the desired result that avoids back-and-forth emailing.

SharePoint also eliminates the overhead of version maintenance by automatically maintaining the versions of the content with a record of the time, details and the person that changed it. Further, it lets you review and restore previous versions to recover the changes you don’t wish to keep.

  • Quick and easy collaboration

SharePoint contributes to enterprise-wide productivity and efficiency enhancements by offering a truly collaborative environment for employees in many ways. It can be a discussion board – a SharePoint out-of-the-box web part that can be added to the site or a built-in Office 365 integration that facilitates the team members to benefit from various Office 365 functionalities like using OneNote for document progress, sharing Calendar to plan their workload or using a freemium service like Yammer to chat with other teammates. It’s especially useful in case of geographically dispersed teams where people can work together all the time, innovate and come up with creative ideas to offer smart solutions. Additionally, it provides functionality for proofing before publishing, which ensures an automated content review process.

  • Cost-effective

Based on your business requirement and SharePoint functionality match, the SharePoint can help you reduce the number of separate applications needed by your business to manage documents, project planning & tracking and more. It results in a direct financial impact with significant cost-savings.

SharePoint Online comes with Microsoft Office 365, which saves you from spending separately for an advanced, dedicated Intranet Service.

  • Automated

With its robust Workflow notifications and task management, SharePoint can effectively automate business processes. It not only results in time savings but also enhances staff efficiency and productivity. You can achieve this by using the 5 built-in workflows – the approval workflow, feedback workflow, signature workflow, publishing workflow and three state workflow. Additionally, you can always create your custom workflows based on your organizational requirements.

  • Highly customizable

Almost all the SharePoint content management features are highly customizable, which makes it an ideal content management platform for your organization. You can design your intranet precisely the way you like it to be without shelling out money or resources on added designing. Additionally, you can also customize the interface with third-party solutions if you are keen on doing it.

  • Internal, intelligent built-in search engine

Information is of seldom value if you can’t retrieve it when needed. SharePoint’s built-in search engine helps you find the right content when you need it the most. This feature comes particularly handy when the data is scattered and not completely organized.

  • Highly secured

SharePoint offers security at the macro as well as micro-level through highly configurable user roles and permissions. It takes care of who can view and edit what information based on the rules for the target folder or library. Further, with the robust security offered by the Microsoft Cloud platform, SharePoint Online provides exceptional protection essential for your business through features including multi-factor authentication and more.

  • Increased Revenue

SharePoint can benefit your business in many ways. One efficient way to bring tangible results in the form of increased revenue could be aligning your SharePoint Strategy with your strategic business goals.

Further, with its Cloud adoption and innovative features, SharePoint Online offers an additional fair share of benefits to today’s businesses.

SharePoint Online Benefits

  • Anytime anywhere accessibility from any device.
  • Month-to-month subscription model by paying only for what you need.
  • Reliability with financially backed 99.9% SLA from Microsoft.
  • Ease of managing external user access.
  • Freedom from network sharing
  • Robust security with Microsoft Cloud
  • Cost-saving with reduced maintenance with simplified patches, updates, system backups and other maintenance activities

With its varied and state-of-the-art features, SharePoint can help your business in multiple ways. You can reap maximum benefits by having a proper alignment between your strategic business goals and SharePoint functionalities and that’s where our SharePoint consultants can accurately help you! We possess years of experience and a niche in providing quality SharePoint services. Whether you are new to SharePoint or looking for migration or integration, we can assist you with our innovative and cost-effective SharePoint Consulting, Development, Support and Maintenance services that are tailored to fit your business.  Get in touch with us for any SharePoint-related queries today.


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