About WaferWire

What We Do

Established in 2010, WaferWire Cloud Technologies is a Bellevue based technology consulting, IT staffing and outsourcing company helping businesses achieve their technology goals and vision. With a mission to help businesses keep up with emerging technology trends, we are committed to your success with army of our veteran technology consultants and years of industry experience to offer you the best service.

We know that every business encounters a unique set of challenges. We engage our domain experts to understand your business requirements and hurdles and help you mature your idea and shape and deliver a solution that suite you the best. With a proven track record of our commitment and quality deliveries, we delight our customer to earn their satisfaction.

We have offices in the US and India. With our state-of-the-art development center equipped with the latest technology with multi-layered controls for data, network and physical security, our facility operates round-the-clock with the capacity to support clients across the globe in different time zones.

With our extensive industry and domain experience coupled with expertise, we are committed to provide a cost-effective and best-in-class IT solutions over the years and can be your best technology partner to achieve your business goals.


Quality Policy

Started by a group of technology experts, WaferWire believes in honesty, integrity and transparency while providing quality solutions for your businesses to excel. With our years of experience and niche in Microsoft technology, we are committed to consistently serve businesses of all sizes with our quality products and services. Flexibility, focus and rapid response to business needs with competitive pricing are the key prerequisites to meet the true needs of today’s businesses and that’s what differentiates us from the rest of the pack. We believe in our ability, experience, continuous improvement and commitment to deliver what’s right for our customers. With our deep domain expertise, technical proficiency and experience, we are bound to present the top-notch industry talent for your organization.

Our Executive Team

Mehul Kansara

President and CEO

Cesar Abad

Chief Information Officer

Navita Somani

Director of Sales


WaferWire Cloud Technologies is a Washington-based company with its headquarter in Bellevue, WA, USA. Our offshore presence is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India and Surat, Gujarat, India. Our fully networked offshore development center is equipped with robust software and hardware environments with state-of-the-art communication facilities and information security. The center houses an exclusive and ideal environment for creative, experienced and certified professionals. With the capability to support the execution of large and mission-critical assignments, we can offer 24x7 support and work as a virtual extension of your business.


  • Microsoft certified partner
  • Team foundation server & Github for source code management
  • SharePoint development servers
  • Automated system backups to storage servers
  • Dedicated test environment for independent validation and verification
  • Top-of-the-line systems for development, support and testing
  • MS Teams, CISCO WebEx, Zoom supported audio/video conferencing
  • Latest intrusion detection and virus protection software to safeguard data and workstations
  • RFID and biometrics for restricted facility access
  • 24x7 CCTV Surveillance

Data Security

  • Manage privileges and authenticate users to limit data.
  • Data regulations with higher penalties and corporate accountability
  • Perform endpoint maintenance tasks to stay updated with patch management, anti-virus and other key security applications
  • Monitor license use to ensure compliance with software licensing agreements
  • Policies for smartphone use and automatically block devices from accessing networks if they do not comply
  • Perform integrity testing with partners and employees to validate security standards
  • Secure data by restricting print, copy and email capabilities

A Message From Our CEO

"Thrive for Excellence"

We are WaferWire, a fast-growing technology services company with a fresh approach to our clients and business. What we firmly believe and practice is ‘growth mindset’ and small consistent efforts vs doing no improvements.

1.01365 = 37.78 whereas 1.00365 = 1.00

WaferWire is dedicated to helping its clients to embrace and benefit from the best talent, solutions and services.

Clients choose us because:

  • Our core values that resonate with our every delivery in every engagement – honesty, transparency, commitment, quality and care
  • Proven expertise across multiple technologies
  • Our commitment to our client to deliver the result that matter to them.
  • Our services offer direct cost savings and high quality.
  • We invest in our people.


WaferWire has been our primary delivery team for offshore development for several years now. I have always found them to be fair, efficient and technically strong in Microsoft technologies we use in our products and services.

CEO, CloudServ

WaferWire was easy to work with, in spite of being half a world away. Communications were timely and changes were quickly handled. The company definitely aimed to please its clients.

CEO, TSS Redmond

We hired WaferWire to create a custom web program. We took a piece of paper on clipboard that several people were always looking for at once, and turned it into an advanced real-time program everyone can access from anywhere, anytime. It has been a huge help to improve productivity, and also makes past information way easier to find. WaferWire did a great job with the programming and they offer very competitive pricing.

General Manager
Leading automotive detailing company

We had a large SharePoint project for an International energy company. The client demanded unique stylizing on every page and detailed customization of every function. Without the expertise and commitment of the WaferWire staff, the project would have been a disaster. Thank you WaferWire for your professional attitude, technical knowledge and patience in completing a top flight project under very difficult circumstances.

CEO, Overlook Digital

WaferWire was able to resolve my issue and assist my project with swift action and professional attitude.

IT Support Specialist, Seek Education Inc.


We propose following three common approaches:

Fixed Time Fixed Cost model

We offer our customers a low-risk option with our Fixed Time Fixed Cost model when the project scope and requirements are well defined and documented. Based on the complete business requirement, we define the exact scope of the work document (SRS Document) that contains the required effort and tasks to be executed. We adopt a milestone-based and phased approach that includes analysis & requirement gathering, design, development with unit testing, system integration with testing and acceptance and release to production. The development commences after the SRS document sign-off by both the parties. Any scope changes after the SRS document sign-off shall be taken care of under the change management process and will be commenced only after the completion of the initial project scope.

Time and Material (T&M) model

When the scope, specifications and implementation requirements for the complete project are not clear, T&M presents an attractive option. It is helpful in case of

  • Variable project scope
  • Anticipation of many changes after or in between initial development review
  • R&D or experimenting on a critical task where there is no surety of the time duration for which it can continue

In such scenarios, this model is helpful to maintain the budget and project delay where the client sets task priorities, define milestones and allot tasks to the project team. We provide a weekly status report to the client for the work performed by individual team members.

Dedicated development team

A client can hire our professional resources either as an entire team or individuals for a complete project execution where our resources work based on the client project management direction.


  • Sign-off on Scope agreement definition and project duration
  • Key team members identification
  • Approach definition to understand client requirement, business process standards, IT environment and communication
  • Defining strategy and project execution
  • Set-up of IT environment based on project requirements
  • Training the project team (if required)
  • Starting development based on the execution plan
  • Defining a reporting system for project status tracking and communicating to the client
  • Deliverables review
  • Project deployment, implementation and training

Apart from project development, we make a contract for testing, maintenance and client support under this model.

We offer solutions using any of the following three project execution models -

Agile model

Agile methodology is beneficial to manage changing priorities, enhance team productivity through daily task allocation and better project visibility due to its following inherent aspects –

  • Scope flexibility based on the new requirements
  • Breaking down work in small cycles (e.g. Sprints in Scrum)
  • Closely working team with a clear vision and responsibilities
  • Iterative enhancements in terms of frequent reassessments to make the final product better
  • Close engagement of the customer in development and change requirement

Waterfall model

The Waterfall model is recommended for small to medium projects when requirements are clear, well-understood and not likely to change. This model has defined sequential stages (requirement analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance) with the defined result and process flow. The model offers the ease of understanding, project management and classify and prioritize tasks.

V-shaped model

The V-shaped model offers ease of management with phase-specific deliverables and review process and helps track defects proactively at an early stage. It is followed when the requirements are clearly defined and not likely to change.

This is not the complete list of methodologies we follow. With our customer-centric approach, we offer quality solutions based on the SDLC preferred by our client.

With a progressive mindset, we at WaferWire believe in constant improvement and innovation and take multiple steps towards maintaining and growing our intellectual property.

  • Training and certification - We invest in training and certification of our resources to ensure to keep them abreast of cutting-edge technology and solutions.
  • We drive innovative thinking by conducting Hackathon events.
  • Proof of Concepts – We not only learn and master new technologies but also create POCs based on our technology adoption and incorporate learnings in customer solutions.
  • With a growth mindset, we believe in continuous learning and creating innovation and business value with small consistent efforts that make a huge difference over time.