Accelerate performance, with your Cloud roadmap

Your Cloud strategy needs to be a winner

A robust Cloud Strategy simplifies scalability, delivers superior performance and elevates business gains with a roadmap for your
"core data and computing" needs to operate on a platform.


  • IT infrastructure

  • Different locations

  • Deployment

  • Operational costs

  • Capex to Opex

  • Disaster Management

Cloud Strategy Benefits

  • 01

    Lowers Cost

  • 02

    Unified platform

  • 03

    Easy to deploy

  • 04

    Operational cost efficiency

  • 05

    Pay as you go

  • 06

    Data security and recovery plan

A managed cloud roadmap can help you overcome business challenges and deliver incremental gains to your business ROIs. Properly planned Cloud adoption is a proven way to unleash business potential, offering agility, reduced costs, and increased security where modern workplaces can focus more on scalability with an ensured performance for handling significant business payload, effortlessly.

WaferWire Cloud Strategy ‘creates and elevates' business-workplace potential

WaferWire can build for you a viable roadmap and strategy to the cloud. Optimize and right-size your workloads – as per your business and workplace needs. We can assist and guide to establish an infrastructure foundation (virtualization, private or hybrid cloud) and help align policies with business units.


Our Cloud experts consult with you to analyze cloud readiness, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap for cloud transformation. We monitor performance, detect and respond to issues and threats. Always optimizing for cost and performance while swiftly prevent and address incidents. Focus on your core business niche while we take care of your cloud. With a holistic approach to cloud migration, getting you to the cloud quickly, securely, and cost-effectively is what we do.

WaferWire Cloud strategy has a comprehensive plan to gather, analyze and deliver objective cloud value to enhance your business-workplace potential:

  • Create a cloud migration strategy
  • Assessment of your IT infrastructure
  • Application optimization in leading platforms to ensure cost efficiency and security
  • Recommendations for application migration to the Cloud
    • SaaS (Software as a Service)
    • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
    • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • Application modernization ensures meeting your security and compliance and cost requirements
  • Custom Configurations and Consulting
  • Comprehensive Cloud Migration technologies

3 key competencies delivered by WaferWire Cloud Strategy


  • Savings on capital expenses
  • Payment Structure
  • Speed to market
  • Availability


  • Access & collaboration
  • Competitive advantage
  • Managed IT infrastructure
  • Up-to-Date technology


  • Control choices
  • Scalability
  • Tool selection
  • Storage options

With this mobility, businesses can offer much more flexibility to their employees in working hours and perks without productivity taking a hit. A cloud-based business strategy enables your team to work according to their personal preferences, making for happier and more dedicated employees.

WaferWire Cloud strategy allows you to take greater control over your data from anywhere, any time and any device. You'll also have access to your cloud service provider's security team, giving you a second set of expertise to work through any security issues that may arise.

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