Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Why your Business needs Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing offers businesses the required flexibility to scale up or down the computing resources based on their changing business needs. With Cloud Computing, you can cut down on your capital expenditure significantly by eliminating the costs related to servers, storage, network, back-up and archive, disaster recovery, data-center infrastructure and associated technical human resources. While your Cloud provider takes care of all these for you, Cloud Computing provides better security due to the stringent policies, controls and compliances it follows.


  • Compute Power
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Analytics

Deployment Methods

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid

Service Types

  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • SaaS


  • No upfront infrastructure costs
  • No cost for the infrastructure that is not used
  • Pay for the additional resources only when needed


  • Data safety ensured by data backup, disaster recovery and data replication
  • Built-in redundancy to take care of component failure


  • Based on the changing workload size, add/remove resources automatically


  • Add/remove resources and services based on changing business needs
  • Offers vertical (scale up) as well as horizontal (scale out) scaling
  • Provides manual and automatic scaling

Current Versions

  • Ensure latest versions by automated software patch maintenance, hardware setup, upgrades and IT management


  • Strengthened security and compliance for app, infrastructure and data protection with stringent policies and controls

Why choose Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services offer your business the required agility and flexibility with robust security, compliance, business continuity, simplified management and cost savings. Microsoft Azure Solutions offer one-stop for all your business needs with capabilities spanning across efficient storage service, mobile service, data management and more with impressive price-performance in comparison with its competitors.

Scale your IT On-demand

Increase or decrease storage capacity with a click of a button for changing business needs

Business Continuity

Efficient disaster recovery by safely housing data and infrastructure, backup

Simplified Management

Eliminates complex maintenance of in-house servers


Empowers global data & business application access from any computer, smartphone and tablet any time

Data Security & Compliance

Offers secure cloud-based infrastructure with Single sign-on and stringent compliance policies

Cost Savings

'Pay as you go' model offers significant cost benefit without purchasing hardware

Global Reach

Offered in 54 regions across the globe in 140 countries, used by 85% of Fortune 500 companies

Fully Integrated

Fully integrated development environment (Visual Studio) and delivery pipeline

Faster Time to Market

Offers competitive business advantage with rapid deployment and operations

How WaferWire can be your ideal Azure Infrastructure Automation and Management Partner

We at WaferWire know how daunting it can be to access Azure resources and expertise to manage security, architectural design and operations. With our niche and experience in the domain, our Azure Consulting Services and expert Azure consultants can take care of these challenges for you so that you can focus on your core business and get the most out of your cloud investment at the same time.

Here are some of the many reasons why WaferWire is your best bet when it comes to Azure Cloud Architecture, Management and Migration –

WaferWire Azure Consulting Services

Azure Architecture

  • Microsoft Azure Consulting Services
  • Expert Azure Consultants in all subject matters
  • Precise guidance for many Azure Services
  • Azure niche in IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Audit Simulation & Support
  • Protection & Disaster Recovery Planning Services
  • Application Platform Development

Azure Migration

  • Migration assessment and planning
  • Database migration to Azure SQL
  • Migration of applications with Azure
  • Infrastructure migration to Azure IaaS
  • Post migration support

Azure Management

  • Azure Cloud Managed Services
  • Azure SQL & Data Storage
  • Active Directory Identity and Access
  • SharePoint and Web Farms
  • Managed High Performance Cloud Computing
  • Updates, System Health checks, Tune Ups
  • Monitoring, Alerting, Updating, Patching
  • Reporting, Performance Analysis
  • Service Management for 24X7X365

Case Profiles


Cloud data storage offers a better solution than traditional servers in multiple aspects.

  • You pay for what you consume without investing in storage.
  • You can access data and applications at any time, anywhere from any internet-enabled device.
  • As the data relies and is duplicated on multiple servers, data recovery is hassle-free, without any data loss or human error.
  • Cloud scalability offers flexibility to businesses to scale up or down based on their needs.
  • Cloud offers more security with encryption and two-way authentication.
  • Services are much faster and the same file can be accessed by multiple people irrespective of the geographies they are in.