Get Ready for the Mobile Digital Transformation

High-quality and innovative Mobile Apps have revolutionized individual and business landscapes around the globe for start-ups and large scale organizations alike. With their anytime, anywhere accessibility, Mobile Apps are the key for a successful business to stand out in the fierce competition. In today's digital world, a growing number of businesses are dependent on Mobile Apps for increasing visibility, brand reinforcement, seamless scheduling and more. That's what we at WaferWire deliver with our innovative mobile strategy to ease and enable the mobile transformation experience your business deserves.

Why your Business requires an effective Mobile Strategy

With apps accounting for more than 80% of mobile time, an effective Mobile Strategy has become the need for every successful business to achieve

  • Sales growth
  • Audience building
  • Creating marketing and communication channels
  • Customer loyalty growth
  • Competitive advantage
  • Business process optimization
  • A source of valuable analytics

Transforming ideas into Mobile Apps

We translate the ‘user' needs onto a mobile app platform to serve the best solution for a specific requirement and suggest potential value offerings for your business delivery along with the right balance among the quality and price.

WaferWire Mobile Strategy – Engagement-focussed niche with reliability

WaferWire has a plan for mobile relevance for businesses. We believe in understanding your needs and offer you the best-fitting solution in alignment with your business objectives with a core focus on requirements, quality, security and performance aspects.

WaferWire roadmap-based discovery charts your course through the Mobile Strategy landscape – here's a quick look at key aspects

As a custom app development company, we have the expertise to deliver Native as well as Cross-platform Mobile Applications. Our core Mobile App Development Services include –

  • Native Mobile App Development Services
    • Android App Development
    • iOS App Development
  • Hybrid App Development Services
    • Ionic App Development
  • Responsive Web App

iOS App Development

  • Developers with niche in Objective-C and X-Code
  • Experienced with interfacing with Gestures, WiFi, GPS, Voice Recorder and Camera
  • Online/Offline apps to sync data with server
  • Apps with various back-end platforms (SalesForce, Azure, Magento, Firebase)
  • Extensively experienced in developing custom web services for mobile apps

Android App Development

  • Developers with niche in Java and Android SDK
  • Experienced with interfacing with Gestures, Wi-Fi, GPS, Voice Recorder and Camera
  • Online/Offline apps to sync data with server
  • Apps with various back-end platforms (SalesForce, Azure, Magento, Firebase)
  • Extensively experienced in developing custom web services for mobile apps

Ionic App Development

  • Cross-platform applications that work on Android, iOS and Windows
  • Using HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS 3

Responsive Web Development

  • Create Responsive Apps using Twitter Bootstrap
  • Developers with expertise in HTML 5, jQuery, CSS 3 and other JavaScript-based frameworks

WaferWire Mobile Strategy based app development is driven by competencies

With our industry experience and niche in Mobile Applications development, we are a reliable Mobile App Development company that delivers top-notch Android, iOS and Ionic apps. Here's why we can be your best Mobile Strategy partner –

  • Experienced team of iOS, Android and Ionic app developers
  • Competent pricing
  • Robust and Scalable Strategies
  • Timely delivery
  • Building High-end technologies

Turn your business ideas into a driving force with our Custom App-based solutions


It depends solely on which smartphone users you want to target. Android and iOS are two completely different platforms requiring entirely different types of languages. Android apps are mainly developed in Java whereas iOS apps are developed in Swift or Objective C and native UI/UX design. For complete market penetration, you should develop your app for both of these platforms eventually.

A Mobile Website is a web portal. It can run in a mobile browser on a mobile device. On the other hand, a Mobile App can be downloaded and installed on a compatible mobile device.

A Mobile App differs from mobile websites. While a Mobile Website ensures your website access regardless of any device, Mobile Apps are more engaging and reliable and allow access to the content offline. Additionally, they offer features that are not available on a Mobile Site.