SharePoint Services

Business Collaboration– Key Ingredient for Success

78% Fortune 500 companies rely on Microsoft SharePoint – for enterprise collaboration and its precision integration with Office365 – to achieve efficient intranet and superior content management.

A great idea, product or service can be the key differentiator that makes your business stand out and succeed. As an enterprise collaboration tool, SharePoint enables your team and organization to communicate effectively and deliver innovatively at 3 key levels -

  • The structural level
  • Collaborative structures, employee roles and responsibilities
  • The systemic level
  • Policies, processes and systems
  • The interaction level
  • Communication amongst employees

Why your Business needs a Collaboration tool?

  • Improved communication
  • Faster and easier access to knowledge
  • Flexibility - Facilitates distributed/global teams with no location dependency
  • Track tasks and projects with ease
  • Less turn-around-time
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity
  • Improved client relationships
  • Improved employee satisfaction and engagement

SharePoint Collaboration Framework


Supports open collaborative structures

Manages employee roles and responsibilities


Single source of truth

Centralized knowledge base

Process automation

Tracks user activities and compliance


Multiple tools for effective communication

Employee feedback

Enhances employee engagement, motivation, trust, loyalty, productivity and retention

Empower mobility and security

  • Consistent user experience
  • Build to suit your requirements
  • Better response & visibility
  • Leverage superior technology
  • Simplify data access
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Simplify business cycles

SharePoint Services enable you to work from anywhere and stay in touch with instant communication through the office, skype and more. Backed with 9 years of SharePoint Consulting experience and our team of Microsoft SharePoint experts, we can cater to all your SharePoint needs. Our expertise and experience in SharePoint Services make us the leading Microsoft SharePoint Services Company.

Our SharePoint services portfolio include

Strategic Consulting





Support Maintenance

How WaferWire expedites your Enterprise Collaboration Journey

Business Analysis – Our experts will align your business needs with SharePoint capabilities to transform them into technical requirements.

Solution Consulting – With over 150 projects for more than 50 clients from various industries such as real estate, finance, education, communities like intranet portal, document security and compliance, on-call services, we possess the required skill and knowledge to understand and effectively meet your business needs.

Quality assurance – Our experts offer a robust quality assurance strategy that encompasses planning, a reasonable level of test automation, rigorous testing during development, integration and release testing accompanied by regular code reviews.

Customization – Personalize your SharePoint Solution and extend SharePoint environment capabilities with custom SharePoint add-ins, engaging sites, complex business process automation and UI and UX enhancements.

Integration with enterprise systems – We will help you seamlessly integrate your corporate tools including CRM, ERP, HR, EHR, ECM, BI, OCR, asset management system, document management system, e-signature software, project management system, asset management system with SharePoint, thus, help you build a productive collaboration environment, in a true sense.

System Architecture Design – With 7+ years of service delivery, we are known for reliable and stable system builds with smooth SharePoint maintenance.

Configuration – You will highlight the business requirement and we will come up with the best fitting, out-of-the-box SharePoint features.

Migration – Whether to migrate from one SharePoint version to another or SharePoint Online, our experts can always help.

Support & evolution – We help you restore SharePoint's sleek functionality as well as the optimal platform upgrade so that you to keep up with the changing business needs.

Performance enhancement - We enhance the performance of your current solution to keep a match with your increasing business speed as well as your employee's working style.

Save cost & efforts - We help you curb maintenance and support efforts with optimized SharePoint architecture. Additionally, we can assist you to significantly cut down on infrastructure costs through either a prompt or gradual shift to the cloud.

SharePoint Consulting

Boost corporate-level collaborations with Process automation

Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services offer you an enterprise platform to enhance your employee productivity with a whole set of goal-specific tools. Our 7+ years of experience with Microsoft demonstrates our successful solution delivery in SharePoint. Our expert SharePoint consultants can help you with hassle-free SharePoint implementation and integration, due to our expertise in dealing with diverse industrial and business domains.

WaferWire SharePoint Enterprise Solutions include

SharePoint Development

Couple the best SharePoint capabilities with your business needs

Whether to develop separate custom features or a complete redesign of the current solution, our Microsoft SharePoint Development Services can cater to all your SharePoint development needs.

WaferWire SharePoint Development Services
  • Redesigning current solution
  • Complete custom solutions
  • Custom features
  • Custom templates
  • Customized webparts
  • Resolution of technical issues due to low SharePoint performance, heavy architecture, complicated site structure, lack of important features, etc.

SharePoint Migration

Get more with the latest SharePoint version

Our SharePoint Migration Services help you in your enterprise collaboration journey through smooth migration between SharePoint versions. Our expert consultants will assist you to optimize the infrastructure and reap the benefits of the latest SharePoint functionalities with convenient, modern and robust solutions.

Our migration services include

  • SharePoint Migration to newer versions (from SharePoint 2013, 2016 and more) to offer extended features and development capabilities along with enhanced user experience.
  • Migration from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online to reap the cloud solution benefits for simplified maintenance, easier scalability and wider user access.

SharePoint Integration

Extend your SharePoint capabilities with seamless integration

Our SharePoint Integration Services enable uninterrupted business processes and employee interaction through seamless integration with enterprise systems.

SharePoint Integration

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Third Party Tools
  • DMS
  • PM
  • BI
  • ITSM
  • Email
  • Collaboration Solutions
  • Social Media
  • LMS
  • CMS

SharePoint Support & Maintenance

Ensure sound, secure and error-free performance of your SharePoint collaboration

Whether minor technical inconsistencies or sophisticated adoption issues, our Microsoft Certified SharePoint Professionals will ensure timely resolution of any of your SharePoint-related challenges. WaferWire offers a range of SharePoint Support and Maintenance Services.

On-demand Technical Support

  • Verification and debugging of coding errors
  • Solutions to architectural/hardware issues
  • Tuning misconfigured features and applications
  • Resolution to user authentication issues
  • Fixes to content management issues
  • Performance issue resolution

SharePoint Maintenance

  • Timely system update for faultless performance
  • Security patches installation and security audits
  • SharePoint integration with other enterprise systems
  • New custom features for efficiency and better presentation

Case Profiles


Yes. SharePoint is a highly scalable and flexible platform and thus, has millions of users across the globe. It's used to manage documents, content, task and assignments, projects, workflows, contracts and many more. It can be used as a company intranet, extranet or both and is a great collaboration tool. There is hardly any limitation on how it can be customized and you can make it the way you want it to be.

With its extremely robust security model, SharePoint lets you create different levels of permissions for various user roles. You can pull an unlimited number of security groups by integrating SharePoint with Active Directory. This way, you can set up permissions at the most granular level. Moreover, you can grant/revoke permissions at the sub-site level and also for different content on the same site.

SharePoint has no limitation on the number of users it supports.

By default, all SharePoint pages are mobile-enabled. Based on your company's SharePoint version, you will get two view options – mobile view and PC view. You can switch between these views by tapping the “setting“ icon and following a simple set of instructions.